Big deal: hull and superstructure of the hybrid Heesen “friends”

The hull and superstructure of Project Electra joined together at the docks at Heesen shipyards, located in the Dutch town of OSS.

Electra – second 50-meter superyacht 5000 class c hybrid power plant. The boat is designed to build on the success of its predecessor – superyacht Home, is recognized as the most innovative yacht of 2017. Due to the streamlined architecture of the hull of Fast Displacement, the new high-performance and efficient. Also the ship is equipped with an innovative hybrid powertrain Heesen, which consists of diesel and electric engines.

Compared with the traditional diesel, hybrid much quieter and more economical. In addition, its advantage is that the yacht can walk on water in one of four modes to choose from: hybrid, fuel efficient, cruise and so-called Boost – boosted.

Hybrid mode promises a speed up to nine knots when the noise level only 46 dB, which is comparable to the noise of a strong rain, while there are two water-cooled DC motor for 127 kW each.

In economy mode engaged the main engines, but off generators. Of course, this lengthens the service life of the latter. The speed is all in the range of 9-12 knots. It is ideal for longer trips and economical is called for a reason, because the number of advantages is low fuel consumption (at 12 knots, the boat consumes only 98 liters per hour).

The cruise involves running at 12-15 knots. Here the diesel engines drive the propellers, and generators to provide energy for household needs.

Provides finally forced mode – mode to increase capacity. When activated, the boat was able to reach a top speed of 16.3 node, the motors work together with the main diesel engines to give an extra “portion” of thrust.

A technological “heart” Project Electra “beats” in a modern building with a vertical nose.

The bold appearance of the boat, where aesthetics meets functionality, we have Frank Laupman (Frank Laupman) from Omega Architects. Vertical stem and collecting is not just a trend. This decision is of practical importance, providing excellent buoyancy to cut the waves.

Twelve guests are accommodated in five luxury cabins on the lower deck and the master cabin, located in the front part of the main deck. The interior design belongs to Cristiano Gatto (Cristiano Gatto). The master was able to emphasize the connection between inner and outer space, and deep and at the same time, low furniture allows travelers to fully enjoy the view outside the panoramic Windows.

The Electra Project will be launched in April 2020.

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