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“For a person who does not know where to go, there is no tailwind.” With these words Seneca greets visitors to the site of the German shipyard Nobiskrug. Until fifteen years ago, her fame rarely went beyond Germany, but during this period the company has come a long way, forever entering the history of the superyacht industry.

Until 2009, the name Nobiskrug rarely appeared in the yacht press. The shipyard lived quietly as part of the ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems group of companies, dealing mainly with military and commercial orders. But then she got new owners. It is now part of the German Naval Yards holding, which, in turn, is owned by the Privinvest investment group. By the way, it also owns the famous shipyards Abu Dhabi MAR (UAE), CMN (France), German Naval Yards Kiel and Lindenau Shipyard (Germany).

The change of ownership had a positive impact on development: Nobiskrug finally reoriented the business and improved its marketing model, while maintaining a connection with the roots and traditions of German shipbuilding.

An interesting feature of the company is the presence of two managing directors at once. Kahl Holger and Susanne Wiegand effectively run the company together from their headquarters in Rendsburg and are admired by many.

Kahl Holger and Susanne Wiegand – Managing Directors of Nobiskrug

“When we first started out, the entire management was located in two separate offices that functioned on their own,” recalls Kal Holger. – The first thing we did was broke the wall between them and united people, creating a single information space. We make decisions with Suzanne, and believe it or not, we never have disagreements, so every engineer always gets the same answers from each of us. “

Important trump cards

One of the main advantages of Nobiskrug is that the shipyard can build superyachts with a length of much more than one hundred meters – 426 meters of dry dock allow you to turn around seriously. Thanks to such long-term projects, the company can keep a staff of highly professional employees and calmly search for new orders.

“The market for 100+ yachts is extremely transparent, as only a few German and Dutch shipyards produce them,” explains Kal Holger. “It is very different from the 60-70 meters segment, where Italian and Turkish companies are active, and the competition is much higher.” Although the bulk of Nobiskrug’s work is on superyachts, regular government contracts for ship repairs to the German Navy provide additional guarantees of stability and independence from economic storms of the 21st century.

The main production facilities of Nobiskrug are concentrated on the banks of the Ayder River, and the number of employees, together with the employees of the shipyards German Naval Yards and Lindenau Werft, which are part of the same holding, reaches a thousand people. If from the technical point of view the main trump cards of the company are a giant dock and a colossal crane with a lifting capacity of 900 tons, then in terms of the “human factor” the key to success is the traditionally strong practice of personnel training in Germany.

The main production site of Nobiskrug is located on the river, however this does not impose a limitation on the maximum length of yachts

The giant dry dock allows the company to build vessels from 60 to 426 meters in length

“Apprentices have always been the main resource for the powerful corps of German engineers,” says Kal Holger. “They undergo a three-year practice with us and for the most part remain to work further.”

Many generations of Rendsburg residents have been associated with the shipyard. The company’s management is proud of this and values ​​the loyalty of its employees, and those, in turn, respect the requirements for the quality of their work. All of this determines the value of the final product. “We are happy to show our competitors our production, we ourselves go to other shipyards to see how their work is organized,” adds Kal Holger. “And we are happy to share useful knowledge with colleagues, with the exception of our engineering know-how.”

Customer priority

Despite the fact that the company participates in all major specialized exhibitions, half of the sales take place through word of mouth, when the client receives recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Thanks to its vast experience and its own powerful design bureau, Nobiskrug is able to satisfy the interests of people who need a complete study of the project from “A” to “Z”, and those who come with their own designers and a ready-made concept of the desired vessel. Like most shipyards dealing with renowned customers, Nobiskrug keeps their secrets in the strictest manner, ensuring a high degree of confidentiality of information.

“Early in our work in the superyacht industry, we quickly realized that the customers here were extremely demanding and needed to be handled in a completely different way from the Navy,” explains Suzanne Wiegand. – Our phones must be available 24 hours a day as calls come from different time zones. Clients always contact top managers directly and are eager to receive instant answers to their questions. “

75 ships

built at the Nobiskrug shipyard in more than 100 years of its existence

Evgeny Kochman, Imperial Yachts

We have accumulated a wealth of experience working with the Nobiskrug team, which confirms that this shipyard fully meets the highest standards of our industry. Several years ago, we jointly implemented project no. 783 – a 73.5 m long yacht designed by the world famous Raymond Langton Design Bureau. One of Nobiskrug’s greatest strengths is the ability to produce superyachts of colossal length, and we are delighted to offer such unique designs to our clients.

The company has a division that is jokingly called the “flying platoon”. His task is to arrive on a yacht anywhere in the world at the first signal and provide the necessary technical assistance. In addition, in the south of France, Nobiskrug keeps a special “mobile tactical unit” – a special truck with a full set of tools and instruments that may be needed to diagnose and quickly eliminate possible malfunctions.

“We are constantly strengthening our presence in this key region for the superyacht industry,” says Suzanne Wiegand, “and this is not only positively translating into new orders, but also helping to develop the growing refit business at Nobiskrug.”

The state of affairs

Perhaps the biggest recent intrigue associated with the Nobiskrug name has been the White Pearl project, which has evolved into a unique 468-foot sailboat “A”. “This is a very significant order for Nobiskrug and we believe this giant yacht will change the industry in many ways,” explains Kal Holger. “Her tall carbon masts are visible even before the hull is visible, and people will talk about her wherever she goes.”

Far from the mainstream, the design of the steel eight-deck vessel with a composite superstructure was developed by Philippe Starck, and among the many unusual solutions it even includes an underwater observation deck. With a hull length of 142 meters (width 24 meters), this vessel became the largest sailing superyacht in the world, significantly surpassing the Sea Cloud built in 1931 (109 meters). By the way, Sea Cloud was also made in Germany by F. Krupp Germania Werft (now German Naval Yards Kiel). “Projects like this are the best demonstration of our shipyard’s know-how, creating an impressive portfolio for it,” explains Susanne Wiegand. “They say eloquently that we are well prepared for the projects of the future.”

By delivering the White Pearl project on time, the German shipyard has once again established its strong position among the world’s leading superyacht manufacturers. Following this, Nobiskrug presented the Radiance concept project, developed in collaboration with British designer Clydon Reeves. One of the highlights of this 110m superyacht is the 13m outdoor pool! The shipyard is still keeping the details of the new yachts a secret, but Kal Holger mentioned that modern glazing will be an important part of them. “Today, natural light comes to the fore when designing yachts because people want to live and relax in a bright environment,” he explained.

Radiance by Mike Reeves and James Clydon

Bathroom at Radiance


Mogambo project

Owner’s cabin on Mogambo superyacht

Mogambo interiors

The White Lion project is almost out of the stage of engineering calculations and is ready to start

Another interesting project White Lion (80 m) was created by Igor Lobanov especially for Nobiskrug. The yacht features an exclusive 130 sqm master cabin. m and a private seating area in the stern, from where a magnificent panorama opens up.

In addition to White Lion and Radiance, Nobiskrug has a package of projects for future customers, which includes Blue Seas (135 m) and Lucky 8 (110 m) of its own design, Adamantine (86 m, Erdevicki Superyacht Design), Shark (90 m, Impossible Production Ink), Conqueror (90 m, Messerschmitt Yachts), Remora (91 m, Claydon Reeves), Open (120 m, Van Geest Design), Phoenicia (130 m, Igor Lobanov) and Lou + Lou (140 m, Pierrejean Design Studio ).

It is already clear from this impressive list that Nobiskrug easily cooperates with various designers and is ready to produce completely different unique ships of the future. And if there is a reliable yacht, then the wind direction is the tenth thing.

750 ships

at the Nobiskrug shipyard for more than 100 years of its existence

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