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Unique novelty Pride Beauty & Spa, unparalleled in modern cosmetology — mikroneedle RF ZD-lifting Infini. Your individual nozzle of the 49 gold microneedles produces energy that is not dissipated over the entire surface of the skin and acts only on a certain predetermined level of subcutaneous fat, down to the level of 5МА5. Leather spot stimulated by the tip of the needle, in the place of impact starts the process of formation of new collagen. As a result, the skin is tightened, rejuvenated, hydrated, pores are narrowed, and the skin relief becomes more smooth.

Using the roller vacuum tumbler LPG (procedure pressure therapy) to reduce swelling, to remove excess water from the tissues, improve the skin tone of the body. It can be combined with wraps, such as detoxifying. Recommended course: 6-8 sessions.

For face, hair and body Pride Beauty & Spa has a new LPG Cellu M6 Alliance – the only administration in Moscow and the Moscow region, the main advantage of which — a quick tightening of the face and body with visible results for 1 and 3 treatments. The machine copes equally well with body fat in the chin, waist and breeches. According to aesthetician Alena Merboy, the apparatus Cellu M6 Alliance increases the content of hyaluronic acid in the dermis, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles, improves the clarity of the oval face, evens tone, and speaking about the body, reduces sagging and smooths the skin. The increase of endogenous hyaluronic acid in the dermis is 80%, the filling of wrinkles by 87%, strengthening facial contours by 70%, improve the complexion twice — for visible results to appear after the first treatment. To strengthen the skin by 31% and smoothing the surface of cellulite by 67% required 3 treatments. Reduction of waist circumference in average by 5.2 cm over the 12 possible treatments.

Another new feature is the laser ILipo.
“The laser iLipo with a local effect only affects the fat cells, without touching or deforming surrounding tissues. ILipo starts the process of breakdown of fats and fatty acids, expands pores, promotes the penetration of products of cleavage in the lymphatic system. After the procedure, mandatory physical activity or mechanical loading (LPG, massages), then the effect will be pronounced” — says Inna Mashkov, beauty Pride Beauty & Spa on this machine.

In the thermal complex at Pride Beauty & Spa has a Hammam, Roman Thermae, and a steam room — the perfect way to relax after a workout or spend a lazy day off. For more serious problems there are 12 cozy rooms where a full range of treatments, from Spa rituals to injections and hardware techniques.

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