Be weaker than the old pelvis …

June 10, 2019

      Be weaker than the old pelvis …
      The number of people wishing to use the bath as a floating craft does not decrease. Markku Eklund from Finland managed to overcome the Gulf of Finland in the direction from Helsinki to Tallinn in a cast-iron bath with two floats and an outboard motor.

Be weaker than the old pelvis ...

An extravagant adventurer went to sea on Friday, June 7, and the next day he was already finishing his voyage in the port of Tallinn in the port of Pirita, his estimated schedule of movement Eklund exceeded by four hours.

But his favorite bath of half a century, in which Eklunda was bathed as a child, could not bear the voyage of the sea – it split on the shore (apparently, unable to withstand the vibration of the engine). It is a miracle that this did not happen at least an hour earlier.

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