“Battleship” was launched in the world championship class ТР52 in Mallorca

On August 25 in Puerto Portals in Mallorca started the scoring race world championship ТР52, which is part of a series 52SuperSeries as the fourth, the penultimate race of the season. According to the results of two races held command of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg “Battleship” is the seventh.

Compared to last year’s championship the current fleet has added two boats and now represents eight countries. At the disposal of the titular fleet, the waters of the island of sails, as it is sometimes called Majorca, provided excellent conditions with light wind and smooth water. But giving away the title, it seems, exerts too much psychological pressure on participants in official training race a day earlier on the course broke a serious struggle.

What to say about the first day of scoring races. After a good start “Battleship” was in the lead on the first leg of the race, but closer to the sign was on the port tack, and when the bending was involved in the incident and fined. The German Platoon, being in the position of internal obezbedila team sails under the Russian flag, and the latter became an obstacle to other boats.

But the crew of “Battleship” did not give up: going out on the first downwind of the penultimate segment, the team was able to impose struggle rivals and finished fifth.

In the second race the fleet behaved quietly, without incidents, but the surprise came the day the wind after launch. The leaders of the Navy, as Vice-world Champions Azzura (Italy), was the start on the left side looked like, while those who went the second echelon, and “twisted” to the right, got more wind. Accordingly, the finish of the second race had seriously mixed results in the table.

As a result, early leader of the standings was one of two teams of South Africa “Phoenix 2” (3.3 V). The world Champions Quantum Racing’s unstable spent the day with the result of 1.7 coming second by only one point to the German Platoon (4,5).

Anticipating surprises, the second race “Battleship” held smoothly, starting from the middle line. On the course, the team teetered between 5-6 places, but on the last leg lost speed and finished eighth. With the parishes of 5.8 “Battleship” opened the championship in seventh place.

Really bad day became Turkish-British team Provezza. One of the likely contenders for medals, the winners of the second stage of the season, Provezza lost his mast in the first race literally “out of the blue”, after the first diffraction.

“As expected, the day was stressful and not the best for our team, says skipper “Battleship” Vladimir Liubomirov. Lots of effort was given in the first race, where 11 lines up to fifth. At the finish of the second race came from several boats from different tacks, I thought we were sixth or seventh, but the judges know better, no matter how unfortunate for us, this was not the result. Only one solution: to go the distance and fight on!”

The world Championships in the class ТР52 will last in Mallorca until 29 August inclusive.

Results: http://www.52superseries.com/events/2019/eu/rolex-tp52-world-championship-puerto-portals-2019/

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