“Battleship” twice fined

May 24, 2019

      "Battleship" twice fined
      On Thursday, after a calm day, the 52 Super Series regatta of the Menorca Sailing Week returned to working mode. In light winds of 10-13 knots, three races took place, according to the results of which the “Battleship” moved from the third to the fifth position.

"Battleship" twice fined

Watching these races, it was hard not to be surprised: “The Battleship” was twice fined (in the first and second races) while rounding the top mark. The situations seemed similar, but in reality were different. If in the first race, the Battleship received a penalty for violating the right-left tack rule (walking on the left tack, did not yield to the yacht of the right tack) and independently performed a U-turn, then in the second, without cutting the top mark, the team tried to drag it down rounding and, as a result, this sign also piled on, received a fine and rolled back to the end of the fleet.

As a result, already in the first half of the day, the team under the Russian flag immediately added 18 points "to the mountain", moving into the standings from third place to sixth. By the start of the third race, the crew was able to concentrate and after a good start, the “Battleship” was already the second on the first sign. Next, the team saved the position.

"In fact, in two racing days, in five races, we twice showed a high result, that is, we were the first one the day before yesterday and the second today, and this is the first stage of the season after a missed year," analyzes the day Alberto Barovier, "it remains to avoid annoying mistakes that significantly complicate our standings. "

Thanks to the successful third race in the overall standings, the Menorca 52 Super Series Sailing Week after the third day, the “Battleship” is fifth. Changes have also occurred in the leading group. The winners of last season, the American Quantum Racing climbed to the first line and one point ahead of the Italian Azzurra, which, in turn, shares the second line with the Turkish-British Provezza. German Platoon moved to fourth place.

Results Menorca 52 Super Series Sailing Week –

Menorca 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week

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