“Battleship”: the first victory


      "Battleship": the first victory
      On Thursday, the third day of the 52SuperSeries Royal Cup competition in Cadiz, the St. Petersburg Yacht Club team was a little sensational: a victory in the first race of the day raised the “Battleship” to the top spot! However, after the fifth finish in the second race, the team of Vladimir Lyubomirov returned to the second line.

"Battleship": the first victory

Having spent exactly the previous two days of the 52SuperSeries Royal Cup, the “Battleship” opened the third day of the competition from the second position in the overall standings and with a lag behind the leader, titled Italian Azzurra, by one point. At the same time, champion ambitions did not leave the international project under the Turkish flag Provezza, which led the test after the first day, but unsuccessfully made the second one.

It was with the "Turks" that the main battle took place in the first race. With a relatively stable wind, about 12 knots of the side of the tack appeared to be equal. "Battleship" went to the left, while Provezza – right. On the first rounding, the team under the Russian flag had a slight advantage and then only increased it. Provezza pursued and finished second. This result returned the team under the Turkish flag in the top three, and "Battleship" led the test.

The restless leader of the second day and the owner of the Royal Cup 2017 – Azzurra from the Costa Smeralda Club has already become here. Fearing for their position, titled Italians with a whole list of sailing stars in the composition set the task to keep the "Battleship" and Provezza behind them. This team Guillermo Parada and Santiago Lange managed the most correct way – winning the race. The finish of the yachts from the 2nd to the 5th place was very dense, the boats finished in half-hull one by one. “Battleship”, attacked by several rivals at once, was fourth at the third rounding, but at the finish line lost several meters and crossed the line to fifth.

“Indeed, a difficult day, the struggle is in full swing for every meter of distance, for every point in the table,” commented Vladimir Lyubomirov at the “Battleship” steering day, “for the third day the leading group is one or two points apart in the standings. We are confident in our abilities and we will fight to the last! ”

Competitions Royal Cup will last in Cadiz until June 22 inclusive.

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Puerto Sherry 52 SUPER SERIES Royal Cup

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