“Battleship” rose to the second line


      "Battleship" rose to the second line
      On Wednesday, the Royal Cup continued in Cadiz on the Atlantic coast of Spain – the second stage of the current 52SuperSeries season. In the overall standings of the stage after two racing days, the "Battleship" improved its position and goes second.

"Battleship" rose to the second line

The second day of the 52SuperSeries Royal Cup became really “working” – the wind became more stable and, unlike the previous day, neither side guaranteed any advantages. As a result, in the overall standings, the leader changed – from the second line to the first, thanks to a stable performance, veterans of the class and winners of the 2017 series, Italian Azzurra, rose.

The St. Petersburg Battleship Yacht Club team spent a day in a serious struggle. Both the first and second races of the day were tactically difficult. After a conservative start, the team of Vladimir Lyubomirov was bending around in the top five, and then the leap started. In the first race, being fourth on the first mark, “Battleship” in the third was only the sixth, but managed to finish fourth again. In the second race there is a similar picture: the first sign is the fourth, then the fifth, then the fourth and the third at the finish!

After the first race, the “Battleship” rose to the second line, but to keep there, it was necessary to keep the early leaders of the stage – the Turkish Provezza – behind them. At some point in the second race, it seemed that the star crew of sailors under the Turkish flag was passing around the “Battleship”, but the opponent was wrong, and before the third roundabout fell into the tail of the fleet.

“Today we were able to cope with the problem that prevented us from performing well in the first stage of the series – this is the stability of the result,” says steering team Vladimir Lyubomirov. “It is too early to say whether we will be able to maintain a given pace and level, but the team has great potential and we have speed.”

In fact, in terms of results, in the Royal Cup fleet the “Battleship” is the most stable boat. On June 18 and 19, the team finished third and fourth (twice), while all other teams finished at least once outside the top five.

Competitions Royal Cup will last in Cadiz until June 22 inclusive.

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Puerto Sherry 52 SUPER SERIES Royal Cup

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