“Battleship” opens 44Cup Palma in the top three

On the waters of Palma de Mallorca November 15, late in the one day races has started the final stage of the season 44Cup-2019. In light, unstable winds, the fleet held three races, the results of which the crew of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg “Battleship” has divided the third place with the Swedish Artemis Racing.

The past a day earlier, the front with winds up to 40 knots left the area of the competition 44Cup Palma in captivity light, unstable winds and chaotic excitement. Already losing one day of racing, the competition Committee was determined to start the first race of the stage, no matter what it takes. After long hours of installation distance of the first starting signal sounded, albeit very late.

The local water is well known to all nine tactics involved in 44Cup Palma crews, but the November weather was more than challenging puzzle, even for experienced crews. The early leader of the day was “Charisma” Nico Punch, but in the final race, the Dutchman skipped forward French Aleph and ended the day second.

In the most difficult conditions “Battleship” had a great two races and finished in third place. A bad start in the third race of the day brought the seventh result, therefore, a place in the top three had to share with the veterans class, the Swedish Artemis Racing.

In contrast, for the three-time world Champions, the team of “Nika” of Vladimir Prosikhin, had a bad day. Two parishes in the tail of the fleet pushed the team to the end of the table. To rectify the situation helped the second coming in the third race, and in front of “Nicky” a hard fight for the medals at the end of the season. Small consolation in this case is the fact that all competitors Procaine in this fight also had a bad day and share the bottom line of the table.

For team Tavatuy Pavel Kuznetsov opening stage also did not bring anything good. Beginners class lost zahoditi wind, and as a result, the last two parishes, which managed to improve to third by the finish line at the end of the day.

According to the chief judge of competitions Peter Reggio, the weather in the area of the Palm should gradually improve and please award-winning fleet for its famous “sailing” conditions. 44Cup Palma competition will run until 17 November, vkljuchili

The press service of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

Results 44Cup Palma –


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