“Battleship” is the fifth in Menorca

On the island of Menorca (Spain) completed the first stage of the 52 Super Series season 2019. These competitions were the first for the Russian team “Battleship” after a year break.

As a result of five days of racing, the crew of Vladimir Liubomirov finished fifth out of 11 teams participating.

Held regatta 52 Super Series in Menorca Sailing Week was full of surprises. First, was surprised by the weather. During all days of competition, the strength of the wind rarely exceeded 10 knots, and the second day of racing was cancelled due to calm. The rhythm of the competition are constantly broken by long expectations of the wind. But in General, the table managed to make the eight races, although someone clearly did not have another one or two for bug fixes.

Secondly, the favorites of the fleet made unstable. Vice-world Champions and winners of season 2017 – Italian Azzurra – confidently opened the stage, but by the end of the competition has fallen out of three and failed to return. In the end, the Italians, who previously performed well in Menorca, only the fourth line.

The winners of the previous season, the American Quantum Racing – the Italians deposed from the leading position on may 23, and seemed to have this experienced team is almost in the pocket. But the final day was unfortunate for the Americans – the team held two races finished outside the top five and barely held on for third place overall.

On the contrary, almost perfect performance stage winners – the German Platoon. The team was in the top five for the regatta, but made the breakthrough on 24 and 25 may, finishing 2,2,1. This result helped to circumvent the formidable opponents and win the 52 Super Series in Menorca Sailing Week. After the victory of the German team at the world Cup ТР52 in 2017, is the first such title for the Platoon.

Second place got a Turkish-British project Provezza. At the end of season 2018 crew Irvine Emre was only eighth, after which it was decided to adjust the composition of the tactical group command, and this seems to be bearing fruit.

The team of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg has also undergone some changes. In conjunction with the award-winning tactician Morgan Larson to the position of strategist and steering in the series debuted Olympic champion in the class “470” Horvath Shima Fantela.

“Battleship” applause, when on may 21, won the first race of the season. Next, the crew were somewhat unstable. Especially bad was the 23 of may, when “Battleship” got two penalties in three races. And yet, after the victory, the team of Vladimir Liubomirov twice finished in the top three (in eight races held), which allowed the Commodore of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg to positively assess his first regatta in классеТР52 after a year break.

Vladimir Liubomirov: “I positively assess the past stage, let yesterday we were the tenth, but in the first race won, and it means that we have the potential. I firmly believe that by the end of the season we will in the first half of the fleet. I always strive to learn, and now watch the work of the team to be very helpful. Perhaps in Cadiz I’ll get behind the wheel. The team is very good atmosphere, first and foremost, we are friends and we really want to win. And this is important!”

The PWM Pantele: “I had no special expectations from the new yacht class, I was just trying to make the best decisions in each situation. This is a new class for me, and I try to learn and gain experience. Overall everything went well, the boat responds well, the team spirit, and we have improved the result during the regatta”.

Season’s 52 Super Series will continue in mid-June: the race will take Spanish Cadiz.

The results of the 52 Super Series in Menorca Sailing Week http://www.52superseries.com/events/2019/eu/menorca-52-super-series-sailing-week-2/

Alex Fat
PR-Director of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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