“Battleship” in the top three!

September 26, 2019

      "Battleship" in the top three!
      On Wednesday, September 25, in Porto Cervo, as part of the final stage of 52SuperSeries, three races took place, as a result of which the team of the Bronenosets Yacht Club of St. Petersburg finished the day with a victory and a third overall result.

"Battleship" in the top three!

The weather of the Emerald Coast of Sardinia finally allowed the teams participating in the final stage of 52SuperSeries to go the distance. The Mistral loosened its grip somewhat – after 30+ knots of wind a day earlier (which caused the cancellation of the races on the first day of the competition), 18-27 knots were recorded at a distance. In such a fresh wind, ten crews held three races in one breath.

The leaders of the season standings – the team of the host yacht club Azzurra, the American Quantum and the German Platoon – expectedly started a complex tactical game of containment of each other. Taking advantage of this situation, the first race was confidently won by the American Sled from the New York Yacht Club, the second (with a fight) was recorded by the British Alegre, and in the third race, the team of the Saint-Petersburg Yacht Club “Battleship” literally won the last meters. .

“The fresh wind is our weather, we had a good day and could achieve more,” comments Vladimir Lyubomirov, the “Battleship” helmsman. – As always, there is not enough stability. An unfortunate penalty in the second race, and even on the third mark, when it is no longer possible to influence the situation, spoiled the mood, but we are ready for further struggle. There are chances! ”

Indeed, on the first mark of the first race, the Battleship was second, but finished fifth. In the second race, the team of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club steadily went in the top five, but was fined on the last round and, without a chance to return to the fight, finished last, while simultaneously falling to the eighth line in the standings.

The team was not taken aback and from the start of the third race it was chasing the leader – the local Azzurra – in order to bypass the Italians at the last meters before the finish line and finish with a victory and a reserve of just one building.

This result allowed the Battleship to complete the first day of competition on the third line of the Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week in Porto Cervo. At the same time, an amazing tie-break of four crews, which scored 15 points, was formed in the table. In addition to the Armadillo, these are Alegre, Quantum and Phoenix11. The Germans claiming victory in the season, Platoon follow the deficit by only one point. Yes, and on the first lines of the table is restless: Azzurra and Sled share one point.

“The struggle is just flaring up, there are three more racing days ahead, but the experience of past years shows that one race is always not enough to correct the result of the season,” continues Lyubomirov. “It will probably be the same now.” Considering that we lost one day due to a strong wind, we need to fight for every meter – it can become decisive. ”

The Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week competitions in Porto Cervo will last until September 28 inclusive.

Alexey Zhirov,

PR Director
Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week Porto Cervo

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