“Battleship” – in the top three!

In Cadiz, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, kicked off the second phase of the season 52SuperSeries – Royal Cup. According to the results of two races held “Battleship” Vladimir Liubomirov is third.

The second stage of the season 52SuperSeries, which first takes Spanish Cadiz, is interesting for its trophy. The winner will receive the very prestigious Royal Cup (hence the name of the stage), whose history dates back to 1995. Nearly 25 years ago, this Cup was transferred to the class IMS50 passionate sailor – king of Norway Harald V. by the Way, Harold competed in the first series of class ТР52 as part of the legendary series MedCup on the boat Fram.

The waters of the Olympic base of Spain is not pleased participants of the wind-stable. The start of the first race 52SuperSeries Royal Cup was delayed almost an hour, and the second started with a delay.

During the day significantly won the left side of the race, which was used by both the winning team: Turkish-British Provezza (race) and the Italian Azzurra (the second race). Both started from “Pina” and never ohlalaparis ago. All the activity took place behind their stern.

In the first race of the “Battleship” of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg were close to repeating the success at the start of the first race of the season. The crew of Vladimir Liubomirov started near Provezza and was second on the sign. But then, after the second diffraction, the British skipped ahead of Alegre, but before the finish risky maneuver allowed to pass forward more and Tina Platner on Platoon. In the end, the disappointing fourth finish.

In the second race “Battleship” was ulybalsya the third and, despite the opponent’s attack, able to hold their position in the top three to the finish.

The results of the first day of the Royal Cup leader Provezza (5 points); second – Azzurra (6), followed, with a lag of one item, third is “Battleship”.

The Royal Cup competition will be held in Cadiz to 22 June inclusive.

The results of the first day


Alex Fat
PR-Director of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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