“Battleship” gets the bronze medal of the world championship ТР52 in Spain

29 August in Puerto Portals in Mallorca ended the world championship in the class ТР52, which was, simultaneously, the fourth stage 52SuperSeries. By results of competitions the victory was won by the German team Platoon. The crew of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg for the first time in the history of participation in world Championships ТР52 won a bronze medal.

As expected, the final day of the world championship was the most intense, because the team up to the seventh line of the standings (where were the world Champions, the Americans Quantum Racing) had a theoretical chance to take the gold from the leading at the time the Germans Platoon. Accordingly, the German team was all “on sight”, and apparently the nerves could not stand. The first penalty the crew of the Mueller-Spreer was still in pre-launch procedure to the first race of the day. It was followed by two more fine during the day and two penalty points for the collision with Quantum Racing.

Looking ahead, it should be said that, despite the difficulties, the Germans were very good in this championship. Let the final day was the most unfortunate, the safety margin was enough to the second time to become world Champions (first gold in 2017).

Also restless day and titled Italians Azzurra. Team Yacht club Costa Smeralda also had a bad day, but the stock enough just to make one point ahead of all rivals and to retain second place. This is the second world championship silver in a row for the Italians (and only the Azzurra a lot more titles in ТР52).

But the star of the day was a Turkish-British Provezza. As you know, boat the Turks lost his mast in the first race of the first day. The crew managed to deliver the old mast to the venue, install it (with parts borrowed from other teams) and get off at the distance. And not just to enter is a team of Ergin Imre smote all the best result of the day 1 and 3 parishes! Unfortunately, for points Provezza Luggage was too heavy a final ninth place.

Anticipating exceptional competition on the water, the crew of “Battleship” continued to follow a proven strategy. Moreover, the wind was very light, no more than 6-7 knots – not the most favorable conditions for “Battleship”. The team was conservative on the start and acted with maximum caution. However, it has not helped in the first race. Around the thought that “Battleship” comes out in bending in the top five, but a sudden wind shift pushed the blue boat in the tail of the fleet. Barely managed to finish seventh.

In the second (final, ninth) race things went better than fourth at the first mark and fourth at the finish. This result saved the bronze medal for “Battleship” with a minimal advantage to the Sled from the new York yacht club.

“We opened the season seventh result and finished third – this is a great way made the team for four days, says the skipper of the team “Battleship” Vladimir Liubomirov. Our medal really deserved, we fought for every meter of the race with the most titled teams in the world and survived under incredible pressure! Now at stake medal of the season and we feel confident we can fight for them!”

Medal of the world championship 2019 – the first in the career of “Battleship” and the second this year. Earlier the bronze medal was won in the second round in Porto sherry. Thus, before the final stage of the series, “Battleship” crept close to the top three overall season 52SuperSeries 2019. Everything will be decided at the end of September in Porto Cervo.

The results of the world Cup: http://www.52superseries.com/

The results of the season 52SuperSeries: http://www.52superseries.com/events/2019/all

The video – https://youtu.be/47a9-UBGN38

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