Baltic 500 – a new race for two

May 31, 2019

      Baltic 500 – a new race for two
      Fashion for racing with a minimum of the crew reached our northern latitudes. Today in Germany, the premiere of the new Baltic 500 regatta, a four-arms race around the island of Zealand, started.

Baltic 500 - a new race for two

At the start of the regatta in Kiel – unexpectedly for the organizers – almost fifty boats went right away: or rather, 49 yachts (the 50th declared yacht did not start at the start). They are divided into three divisions: Mini 6.50 (10 yachts), ORC Club (34 yachts) and Yardstick (five boats).

Conducting this regatta, the Germans, by the way, are going to check the readiness to include such a competition in the official calendar of “minikov” in two years.

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