Bagel-flight – serious regatta with the name of a frivolous

Yesterday at the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg ended 10th traditional boat regatta “Bagel-flight” carried out by the volunteers of the project, Atlantic Challenge 2009.

The basic idea of the regatta – the end of boat season friendly race not for a prize, but for fun, or “race for the Donut Hole”. Over time the name transformed into a Donut-flight, appeared and prizes – pies in the shape of a donut made by the hands of volunteers. In 2017 the main prize was a bagel from steel made in the blacksmith shop of Vasily Kondurova.

The race format includes two sailing and rowing races and sailing one race. Sailing race for “Bagel-Flight” differs from the classic sailing races on the triangle only procedure start (the start is in galfvind), sailing and rowing race also passes through the triangle, but lakirovanie knee takes place at the oars.

Despite the fact that one of the race boats competing in different classes – ЯЛ6 and Gucci Bantry Bay, the fight is quite equal: for the past 9 years, 5 times in the overall classification was won by team Gacek, 5 times team ЯЛ6.

This year, though the weather was cold and raw the North wind, to start out 4 gichki class Bantry Bay and 4 boat class YAL-6, all the competition was attended by 76 athletes, a third of them under the age of 18 years.

Young people from the Maritime School of the Academy of sailing in the race for the third time on the gig Enchante, for the first time in the team. It should be noted significantly increased the team’s skill set, after all, despite the young average age and beginning of the tail feathers, the team was able to get around more experienced colleagues on the gig Dignite and took 5th place in the overall standings and 3rd place in its class.

The main prize is the “Iron donut” – was won by the team of YAL-6 “corsairs” of the Krylov state research Centre, in the class of gicec Bantry Bay team won gichki DREAM project “Shtandart”.

Word to the organizer and the chief judge of competitions Mikhail E. Plekhanov: “Season “Atlantic challenge” must logically be completed, and our regatta — a bright dot at the end. Therefore, traditionally the first weekend in October we hold the “Donut race”, and the second – to raise Gucci out of the water.

Why gicc Yalov or no benefits? Fortunately, we are not as in professional sport – is primarily the result depends on coordination of team work and from experience and not from the materiel, although the boats are very different in their racing qualities – Gucci faster and more maneuverable Yala.

Balance is maintained and for the account of generational change – there are experienced members, elders, and there are beginners who are just starting to make their first steps in the Atlantic challenge. Someone comes, someone leaves, so you can’t say that any team from year to year are head and shoulders above the rest.

Nice to see that the overall level of teams is growing, here we are, about the number of participants and their skills. Appear their traditions, the continuity, there was even a trophy. Let’s hope that the regatta will continue, involving more participants, but will remain a warm family and friendly competition.

I also want to thank the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg for giving a professional race Committee boats and racing buoys, and for the excursion to the battleship “Poltava” for participants before summarizing”.

Beginning in 2013, the race takes place in collaboration with the Yacht Club of Saint-Petersburg and Fund of support of reconstruction and restoration of historical vessels and classic yachts.

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