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About this incredible story, we learned completely by accident – I came online to essay, published in The Royal Gazette, which goes to Bermuda.

The hero of this essay – American Dustin Reynolds have several years of solo travels around the world under sail. Started in Hawaii, where he lives. Then there was Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and South Africa, St. Helena and Barbados. And now Bermuda.

Incredibly this story is this: 41-year-old Reynolds, a double amputee. He has no left hand and left foot.

In 2008, Dustin motorcycle accident: got hit by a truck (it turned out that the driver was dead drunk). Reynolds was taken to the hospital. Doctors determined that the chances to stay alive, the poor guy almost no too heavy and many were injured. And reported her to his parents.

But Reynolds has survived. Even lost their arms and legs.

And when, finally, after many months out of the hospital, began to look for something to do. And, flipping through accidental exposure to a book about travels and adventures, found: double amputees around the world never went. Here is Dustin and I decided that would be the first.

It is not embarrassed that he has never before operated a boat. But in a former life did Dustin have a motor boat. So, some skills were present. The rest can be learned.

And learned. First, read books about the yacht and watched the stories on Facebook. Then from the theory passed to practice together with each other described the loop around the Hawaiian Islands. And in 2014 he went around the world. Solo. For a start went from Hawaii to Palmyra Atoll. This, incidentally, is a thousand miles.

Dustin is, of course, stops. Gets great pleasure from new countries and new people. Although not always, these people are friendly. So, in the Solomon Islands the boat Reynolds attacked twice by pirates.

Back home he’s going through the year. Still going to write about the adventures book.

God give him luck!


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