Baby X-Yachts will be launched in the summer of 2019

The Danish shipyard X-Yachts has described the construction of its most miniature sailing yacht cruise. X4.0, which in the beginning of next summer will join the lineup Pure X will be a total of 12.09 meters in length. The basic cost of the boat is 257,5 thousand euros.

Naval architecture and boat interior specialists X-Yachts has developed independently.

The main design feature of X4.0 — the use of hard power rack from galvanized steel, is integrated into the housing. The mast and keel is virtually tightly connected to the frame, and the body itself is created by vacuum infusion, locally reinforced with carbon.

A lot of little things on the boat owners on the stage of the order to adjust. In particular, the choice will be affordable housing with a slightly larger or slightly smaller draught: 2.1 to 2.3 meters.

What folding aft platform for swimming you will like more: short or long, serving as additional protection against spray and waves? Itself deck can be covered with teak only in the cockpit, maybe on the roof of the cabins, and on the sides. Before the two wheels for steering at the stern you can optionally install the rack with the electronic control panel, and can be limited to simple compasses. The wheels themselves can be made of teak, and composite materials.

What about the teak tables on stainless steel legs on the cockpit? The choice of X-Yachts offers semi-permanent with integrated drawer that can be removed and stored on shore, or foldable, which can be stored in a closet in the pantry.

In a standard deck there are grooves to guide the sail-machine. Optionally, you can add them to the longitudinal rails for the sail on the roof of the cabins. This will allow you to use a 106% Genoa, the staysail, and take advantage of the weak winds. But even without additional improvements ergonomics X4.0 designed that for a normal control it is enough for two people.

The entry into the yacht is divided “in half” instead of the standard doors on the X4.0 horizontally sliding “lid”, and perpendicular to the adjoining “gate” of glass.

In terms of the layout of the boat below deck, the future owners again have a choice. Optional aft can accommodate one or two double guest cabins-bedrooms.

Any layout owner’s cabin located in the bow X4.0.

However, wishing to acquire a yacht with three cabins will have to wait for ordering it will be available until the spring of 2020. Another disadvantage of this option plan — the lack of on Board the soul, not combined with toilet. To aft fit another bedroom, the designers of the yacht had to sacrifice the size of the bathroom.

Despite the small size of the vessel (it has a maximum width of 3.81 meters), its cabin is quite spacious and functional.

Due to the stretching along the sides throughout the length of the row of portholes below deck plenty of natural light and air. In good weather, REC room and bedroom easy to ventilate.

Inside the boat at the request of owners can be finished in Nordic oak or teak wood. On the floor — teak or walnut.

With so many alternative options do not surprising to get confused or anything not be considered. But X-Yachts here and showed himself a prudent and caring about the client company.

On the website of the shipyard, an online Configurator where you can gather X4.0 of their dreams.

When the process is complete, email the future owner comes a small booklet in pdf format with images and technical specifications of his future yacht.

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