B-Team is the second

In hyères (France) ended the second day of racing at the world championship in the yacht class SB20. As before, today managed to spend only one race. But if on Monday the wind was too weak, today, on the contrary, the gusts were up to 30 knots!

After two days of racing and two starts leading French Give me 5 FFV Youth (skipper Robin the Fallen) – 4 points (wards 1 – 3). In the second place the Russian B-Team Alexey Lesnikova – 6 points (2 – 4).

ActiTime Chubarkov Arsene, who finished the first race 3rd place, today came in only 46th. Now she is in the 25th position (49 points).

But in some places now other Russian team:

17. Rocket 1 (Vasily Grigoriev) – 42 points. …21. Suicide Squad (Andrey Bolyakin) – 46. 22. The VIS Sailing Team (Timur Sabirzyanov) – 48. …26. New Territories (Alexey Semenov) – 51. …35. Victoria Sailing Team (Vadim Posev) – 69. …39. Polar Bear Away (Denis Solovyov) – 78. …55. ICWind (Olga Dmitrieva) – 104.

The championship attended by 65 teams.

Detailed results –


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