B-Team is still second


      B-Team is still second

The next day of the SB20 World Championship, which takes place in French Hyères, the press service of the Russian association of this class reports:

B-Team is still second

Despite long expectations, on the fourth day of the World Cup managed to hold four races. In total – already six, and one result went to the ejection.

First place at the moment is the French crew “Give me Five”. In second place is our “B-Team” by Alexey Lesnikov.

The remaining Russian crews are located in the following positions:

14 – “AM Rusarc” by Anastasia Morozova, 15 – “MST” by Vasily Grigoryev, 17 – “New Territories” by Alexei Semenov, 25 – “ActiTime” by Arsen Chubarkov, 26 – “Suicide Squad” by Andrey Bolyakin, 31 – Victoria Sailing Team by Vadim Pushev 33 – “VIS Sailing Team” by Timur Sabirzyanov, 47 – “Polar Bear Away” by Denis Solovyov, 53 – “ICWind” by Olga Dmitrieva.

On Thursday, the first start is scheduled for 11:00 Moscow time.

Detailed Results –


72 Yesterday # 9607

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