Azimut introduced the first yacht of the new range of Fly

Italian shipyard Azimut in a big way celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand. Festive events and presentations will be held throughout 2019. As one of the gifts on anniversary, the company decided to launch a new line of flybridge — Fly. The first model will become the Azimut 76 Fly, which the representatives of the shipyard said during the past 14 to 18 February Miami International Boat Show.

To date, 76 Fly is the largest of the five yachts that are built in the shipyards of Azimut.

In the design of the boat was attended by Alberto Mancini (Alberto Mancini). The designer has worked with Overmarine Group, but had never worked with Azimut.

From his ship went to characteristic graceful flowing lines of the body.

The interior 76 Fly has developed Salvani Achilles (Achille Salvagni), who also worked on the Azimut Grande 32 Metri. During the presentation in Miami , the representatives of the shipyard showed how it will look living room (in the press these images so far, unfortunately, did not get). The emphasis in its interior, taken on the feeling of relaxation and versatility, in which each piece of furniture can serve different purposes: for example, the dining table will easily turn into a coffee table.

The interior space of the boat used in such a way that it seems that in front of us a yacht of larger dimensions.

From the crew quarters in the bow of the ship is provided with direct access to the galley and the control cabin. All these areas can be completely separated from the space where the guests and the host, resting on the boat.

In motion 76 Fly will allow the propulsion system Volvo Penta IPS. The speed of the boat remains a mystery, but we can assume that with this engine it will be impressively stable and maneuverable.

In addition to 76 Fly Azimut also presented in Miami swift, like the blade, cutting the water, 45 Atlantis (Atlantis evolved 43) and Verve 47, created specifically for the American market.

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