Autumn menu at AZIA

In October, the chef of the restaurant AZIA Larissa Cordick introduced an updated menu. The inspiration to create new dishes Larissa drew in his journeys around the quiet, has not lost its authenticity to parts of Asia, remote from tourist routes.

By the way, Larisa was born in an Asian country, and as a child lived in the Caucasus. The kitchen in the family has always used lots of greenery, various spices, chilli. It shaped her passion for rich and vivid tastes, which has become fertile ground for the great love for Asia.

Last vacation Larisa Kordik conducted in Cambodia, so in the updated menu includes a few dishes of the Cambodian cuisine Khmer.

“Cambodian cuisine is good because the absolute is not sharp, perfect for the European palate, as not all our guests are ready for burning spicy Thai or Sichuan dishes”, — says Larissa.

During the trip she was forever in love with fresh Cambodian pepper Kampot. Its pods pale green color equally well fry in a wok with seafood, vegetables or meat. In the new menu AZIA fresh Kampot pepper can be tasted in the dish “Flan-steak with pickled vegetables and a sauce of turmeric”.

An unexpected combination of sweet and salty is a salad with watermelon, smoked salmon and red caviar.

“A bit like the pickled watermelon, which I ate in my childhood”, — says Larisa. — The combination of watermelon and flakes of smoked salmon was perfect! If a little flavoring these products are palm sugar, you can add contrast to the sweet watermelon, and salmon ROE accentuate the salty taste of fish!”

A favorite dish of many Thai women and the Larissa — salad “Som Tam” green papaya. This thinly sliced green papaya, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, red onion, dressed with a sauce of lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, garlic and coriander. Sprinkle with roasted peanuts and herbs and dressed with crisp Lotus. It’s a salad without fatty filling, but energizing, with a light refreshing taste.

Amok is a favourite dish of the cuisine of Khmer tourists — are pieces of fish or meat fillet cooked with spices and coconut milk in cups of banana leaves. In his version, Larisa uses halibut, which is marinating in a paste of turmeric, lemongrass, galangal and runs the coconut cream and egg.

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