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      Australians and English
      On the Japanese island of Enoshima, where the Olympic sailing regatta will take place in a year, the world championship in class 470 has ended. Today, a medal race took place.

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<p>The Russians, alas, did not participate in them, although Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov were extremely close to this – they have, we recall, the 11th result. It is terribly disappointing, although, of course, it is comforting that Pavel and Denis won the Olympic license for Russia. Well, we wish the guys to rise higher at the Olympics – which in fact is quite within their power!</p>
<p>As for the men's medal race, we recall that only two crews could qualify for gold – Jordi Xammar / Nicholas Rodriguez from Spain (they had 23 points) and Australians Matthew Belcher / Will Ryan (24), since the rest were far behind.</p>
<p>However, the much-anticipated battle for the title did not take place. Ksammar and Rodriguez violated flag rule “I”, opening the way for gold to Australians.  </p>
<p>For women, Alisa Kirilyuk and Angelika Chernyakhovskaya took the distant 29th place. The winners of the regatta were the Englishwoman Hannah Mills (Olympic champion Rio 2016) and Eilid MacIntyre.</p>
<p>The full results of the World Cup –</p>
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