Australia. Logical outcome

February 16, 2019

      Australia. Logical outcome
      The first stage of the new international sailing league SailGP, which took place in the Bay of Sydney for two days, ended with the victory of the home team of Australia.

Australia. Logical outcome

In the final match-race with the participation of the teams that scored the most points in the sum of five preliminary races, Australia met with Japan. The real struggle, however, did not work out: the hosts steadily increased their advantage, by the fourth mark ahead of their rivals by 350 meters and finished 38 seconds ahead of them.

Here is the final position of the teams:
1. Australia (co-driver Tom Slingsby) – 48 points;
2. Japan (Nathan Autteridge) – 45;
3. United Kingdom (Daylan Fletcher) – 36;
4. China (Phil Robertson) – 33;
5. France (Billy Besson) – 33;
6. United States (Rome Kirby) – 31.

The fact that the Japanese team, let's say, is not quite Japanese (since three famous Australian yachtsmen set the tone for its crew) we had already told the day before. Now is the time to introduce the winners – so to speak, the Australian number 1 team.

Steering Tom Slingsby – Olympic champion 2012 in "Laser", eight-time world champion in different classes, winner of the Cup "America" ​​-2013 (was a tactician), winner of the title of the Best Yachtsman of the Year in the World-2010.

Trimmer Kyle Langford is a former world champion in the RC44 class, a veteran of two America's Cup races as part of Oracle Team USA, a participant in the recent Volvo Ocean Race. Tactician Jason Waterhouse is a silver medalist at the 2016 Olympics, a medalist at the World Championships in Nacra 17, a member of the last America's Cup in the Japanese team. Grinders Kai Hurst and Sam Newton took part in the America’s Cup rallies, the first of which was the prize-winner of the world marathon swimming championships and the multiple Australian triathlon champion, and the second – the four-time world champion in the 18-foot Skiff class.

By title, the Australian team, of course, was the most eminent among all six teams participating in SailGP. In addition, it happened at the Australians at home. So, I think, everything is logical.

The victory of their team caused a storm of delight among the many thousands of fans who followed the races. In the opinion of most of them, the new sailing league is an excellent undertaking that awaits a bright future.

But the majority is not all. On the Web, including on the official SailGP page on Facebook, a lot of criticism has already been posted. Here are just some of them:

“When you look at races from the shore or from boats for spectators, it’s impossible to understand what is happening. There was not enough radio reportage – maybe he would have helped at least to figure out something. ”

“The new league is a huge failure. Catamarans – sucks and certainly a step back compared to the AC50. It's hard to look at what gentlemen Allison and Cutts are doing with races. ”

“I waited in vain. This is not a spectacle, but what the hell. Just lost time. ”

Well, the same time will surely judge the supporters and opponents of SailGP. In conclusion, we recall that the next stage of the league will take place on May 4-5 in San Francisco, that after that three more stages will be held and that the winner of the entire tournament (and only he!) Will receive a million dollars.

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