Australia again

May 6, 2019

      Australia again
      The victory of the Australian team ended the second stage of the new international sailing league SailGP, which took place for two days in the San Francisco Bay.

Australia again

As you know, Australians excelled in the first stage – in February in Sydney.

Recall that after the first day, the Japanese team was in the lead, winning all three races on Saturday. On Sunday, the Japanese (the name, to put it mildly, conditional, since four of the six crew members led by skipper Nathan Autteridge are Australians) were not so successful, in two preliminary races they took 2nd and 4th places. But this was more than enough to reach the final from the first place.

Another team participant in the final was the Australian team (3rd and 1st places in Sunday's preliminary races).

Japan and Australia met in the finals and three months ago in Sydney. Then the Australians won. Now it all happened again. Although, of course, you need to consider that in the decisive race, the “Japanese” were let down by electronics: for example, they could not use the display. But who is to blame?

The result of the second stage is as follows:
1. Australia – 47 points
2. Japan – 46
3. United Kingdom – 43
4. United States – 37
5. France – 28
6. China – 27

But the results of the sum of the two stages:
1. Australia – 93 points
2. Japan – 91
3. United Kingdom – 79
4. United States – 68
5. France – 61
6. China – 60

The next, third stage of the SailGP will be held on June 21-22 in New York.

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