At the start – 34 champion and medalist of the Olympics!

Tomorrow, January 29, ocean, Miami will host the first race of the second stage of the sailing world Cup-2019.

Regatta in Miami this year celebrates its 30th anniversary. Traditionally, it opens the season of competitions in the Olympic disciplines of the sail.

This pre-Olympic year, attention to this regatta and all increased. Here is just one fact: in Miami profit 650 sailors from 60 countries, including 34 from champion and medalist of the Olympics! Agree, that says a lot.

And another one, in our opinion, an important touch: the lists of participants of a regatta-2019 almost all those who became the winners of a year ago (there are no victors, only one program out of ten).

Unfortunately, Russians in Miami, according to the start protocols will be presented only in two disciplines – 470 (Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov) and “Finn” (Alex Selivanov). Coaches, of course, know better, but… Yes, Florida is far away, Yes, you can get there the same Europeans expensive, but a national Federation of the sails far from Miami countries still felt it necessary to send to the Cup, representative of the delegation and sought for this opportunity. For example, in the UK team of 42 members. Pozaviduem…

Regatta in Miami will end on Sunday, February 3.

I take this opportunity to remind the schedule of the world Cup-2019. The first stage in Enoshima (Japan) – took place in September last year. The third stage will be held in April in Genoa (Italy). And finally, the Cup final will be held in June in Marseilles.

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