At the foot of the Chkalov staircase

In Nizhny Novgorod ended on Sunday racing the IV stage of the top division of the National sailing League. NPL held a regatta on the waters at the foot of the Chkalov staircase a second time.

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According to the website in Nizhny Novgorod came 20 teams: Burevestnik Sailing Team (ex. Leviathan) (steering Vadim Ahinsan), Calipso (Ilya Polishchuk), “Pirogovo” (Yury Morozov), “Lord sails-ASIA” (Vyacheslav Ermolenko), “Lord sails–EUROPE” (Andrey Ryzhov), NAVIGATOR Trem (Alexander Peterson), Rocknrolla Sailing Team (Andrey Novikov) X-Fit (Mr Silkin), RUS7 (Anatoly Arnautov), “Area-23” (Yuri Firsov), CSKA (Michael Polanowski), Black Sea (Andrey Malygin), USC (Christian Czech), “East-West” (Andrey Zuev), ZID art Sailing team (Zoran paunović), (Edward Podshivalov), Matryoshka (Natalia Kravets), “Ahmad” (Alexander Bozhko), ArtTube RUS1 (Valeria Kovalenko) and the Academy team sailing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg (Anna Basalkina).

The final day of the regatta finally gave the work the wind and the judges have used it to catch up for the first two not exactly race day. Was given 13 starts, which gave a total of 21 race. The results were summed up in 8 races.

Sunday was very eventful, resulting in the standings changed almost completely.

On the final day of the regatta races were won by eight different teams. Double team Alexander Bozhko “Ahmad”, the Academy team sailing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Anna Basalkina and ArtTube RUS1 Valeria Kovalenko. One first arrival of CSKA Michael Polabskogo, NAVIGATOR Trem Alexandra Peterson, “Area-23” Yuri Firsov, X-Fit Vladimir Silkin and “Lord sails-ASIA” Vyacheslav Ermolenko.

Bronze medals taking the team of Michael Polabskogo, Alexander Ganzhenko, Alexey Tarasov and Alexander Grishunin. The team from Moscow has been held and victory, and eighth place, but good results outweighed the failures.

Great performance of the Academy team sailing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg Anna Basalkina, Alexei Moskvicheva, Vitaly Gallo and Maxim Berdnikov almost brought her to the top step of the podium. Only one point is not enough “academics” to the first place. Note that in Nizhny Novgorod the first regatta of the NPL in 2017, “academics” also took the silver stage. Congratulations on the second!

Phenomenal held a stage at the Bottom of the Tuapse Calipso. The team of Ilya Polishchuk managed to cope with the capricious weather in the first day of the regatta. Thanks to two victories on Friday and three podiums on Sunday, Ilya Polishchuk, Yegor Zuev, Nikolai Kryuchkov and V. Bukin stood on the top step of the podium. Bravo!

A great finishing spurt (of the victory in the final two races) allowed the team Valeria Kovalenko ArtTube RUS1 close to three. The team took fourth place and received a special award from the General sponsor of the League of USC for the fastest track.

The five of the strongest was closed by the NAVIGATOR Trem Alexandra Peterson.

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