At 76 years old – around the world!

February 26, 2019

      At 76 years old – around the world!
      Britannia Jeanne Socrates is 76 years old, but she is one of those whom old age certainly will not be at home. After all, its goal is to become the oldest yachtsman in the world, who has made a world tour alone and non-stop!

At 76 years old - around the world!

Launch on her 11.5-meter yacht Nereida (2009 release), Mrs. Socrates took October 3 last year in the city of Victoria in the far west of Canada. Passed along the North and South Americas, on December 19 she rounded Cape Horn and headed east. Now the Cape of Good Hope is over. For more than 4 months passed 13,500 nautical miles. Agree, inspires.

By the way, once Jeanne Socrates has already rounded the "ball". The British woman finished her previous round-the-world tour (which, just like this time, she started in Victoria) on July 8, 2013 — then she was 70 years and 325 days old. The achievement has not been beaten so far and is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

But to be the most elderly woman from those who made single round-the-world tours, Socrates is not enough. She hopes to become the most elderly of all – regardless of gender. For what it is necessary to break the record of the famous Minoru Saito: in 2005, when this brave Japanese completed the round-the-world tour, he was 72nd year old.

It is far from a fact that Mrs. Socrates will succeed in doing this: “Nereidu” one after another is being harassed. But a courageous grandmother (she really is a grandmother), such an impression, nothing at all. Solar batteries stopped charging – fixed. Wind generators are out of order – I figured out the problem, and they are working again. Enumerate the damage, believe me, you can take a long time, but the main thing is that every time Zhanna finds a way out of the situation and does not intend to give up. She plans to go through the Australian Cape Luwin in a month and a half.

Well, we wish Jeanne Socrates that all her plans become reality. She deserves it. Seven feet under the keel!

P.S. Photos, of course, not new. We found them on Jeanne Socrates' personal site –

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