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In the Croatian city of Split has come to the end of the world championship in the class “Laser radial” and “Laser-standard”. Page RUS Youth Sailing Team reports the details:

In the Croatian city of Split has come to the end of the world championship in the class “Laser radial” and “Laser-standard”. Page RUS Youth Sailing Team reports the details:

This time the weather felt athletes by the wind. According to the forecasts it was expected that the weather on the Adriatic coast will last for two days, but…

“For all the time I have been sailing, I’ve not looked to see that the regatta wasn’t racing two days in a row, – commented Valeriya Lomachenko. – When on the second day announced that the wind will not be the whole regatta, I told everyone: this can not be! But the race was postponed”.

Front of the organizers was not an easy task, after all, to the world championship can be considered valid, you need to spend a minimum of 4 races. On the third day a gentle breeze persisted, but despite this, only one race is held.

“The lack of wind we are certainly not happy, after all we came to Split in order to race, not to sit on the beach. Specifically in the regatta heavy was it a long wait and then a few days in a row early strata, while the result was completely unpredictable. But, the coaches Vladimir and Diana Krutskikh helped me to maintain the attitude, encouraged,” shared Maria Kisluhina.

In the fourth and fifth days of the regatta, the girls went to the start to 10 or even 9 in the morning, after one race for an hour waiting for the wind, but even this did not prevent them to achieve results. Finally, after five days of racing took place only two races. And only the final day gave the opportunity for a good wind to hold three races. All of them five six days of racing!

“In a weak wind, there is no chance to escape, all go at the same speed, and whatever you do, play it very much impossible. When hung the results on the two races, I was not looking. I was told that I was in third place, and I was very surprised, because I was 5-th and 10-th arrival! So it was very unstable, black flags, yellow… I Have, incidentally, also had one promotion, so I understand that there is no margin for error. The last day had a good start in the second race, but in the third the wind came from the other side. I the whole race was hanging, worked, did everything possible to get into the top 10. Unfortunately, come the 15th, Masha came third – it allowed her also come up in the top 3,” says Valeria Lomachenko.

Our athletes coped, survived and showed excellent results. Valeria and Maria Lomachenko Kisluhina managed to get on the podium, winning silver and bronze medals of the world championship in the class “Laser radial”!!! Catherine Birch concluded on the 47th place. 4 positions below was Ekaterina Guseva.

Hard there was this regatta for youths. Coach in class “Laser” Maxim Samerkhanov noted that for the first time at the world championship in the top three was not a single representative of Europe. Among the Russian athletes showed the best result Daniil Krutskikh, who took 17th place. In the first race, which was held at the weak wind, the yachtsman came in 42 and 20, but then still entrenched in the top ten. Among athletes under 19 years old Nikita Melnikov has entered into the twenty of the strongest yachtsmen, but in the overall young athlete was 57. Ilya loaches took the 54th place among athletes under the age of 19, following the results of superiority of the world the young man took 130 place.

This regatta was a real test of endurance for everyone. Congratulations again to Valerie and Maria, Lomachenko Kisluhina, their coaches and the sports school with a decent result and good luck in future performances! Yay!

Detailed results –

Race Results

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