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Artyom Lukoshko, a native of Grodno, now living in Poland, told journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda about his travels. The young man managed to the passing yacht to cross the Atlantic and visit 48 countries.

“We often imagine that the boat is a huge court, Packed with different appliances, furniture, and the necessities of life in luxury style. Actually it is not so. In Europe on yachts traveling quite a simple people, and these ships are not similar to those that we often see in movies or the news about millionaires. There is no surprise that the journey across the Atlantic in his small boat is sent to an elderly couple.

To be honest, to get across the ocean I wanted for a long time. First thought about this possibility two years ago, but this trip was one of those “someday later I will do it”. And so the journey and remained in dreams, if not for the coincidence.

In November I flew to Lisbon to visit a friend. And somewhere between the Netherlands and Maastricht Faro I understand that the ocean is very close. It is clear that part of the territory of Portugal is surrounded by ocean. But the realization that I’m one step away from implementing one of the oldest of their ideas, it’s only the plane. I thought, why not. As well as this idea I have lived for a long time, then knew to make this work, it is necessary to go to the Caribbean via Gibraltar, which is British territory. From Portugal to a total of 450 kilometers. You can at hand.

It turns out that ectostop – quite a well-developed trend in budget travel. Many young people travel that way – the Europeans, the Americans… Money such travel not require a lot, surprisingly. It is possible to fit into very modest amounts. For example, for the transition from Europe to the Caribbean I paid only for food and repairing sails. In social networks there is even a special group of fans stopit on the seas and oceans.

The season of transition across the Atlantic – from mid-October until mid-January. With my friend we flew to Seville, Spain. Just walking around the city, then she flew away, and I decided that at the moment, Gibraltar is a little closer than Lisbon. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory.

On the Spanish-British border, checking passports and inspect the car. With a European passport will not be a problem, but not with the Belarusian. However, I “SINAGOGA” booklet citizen of Belarus crossed the border. 20 days I wandered from boat to boat in search of those who could I take with me to the Caribbean. But the captains were offered different options: you could sail to Brazil, but there also need a visa, or in Africa. But in Morocco also need a visa.

I was looking for my boat in La linea. Yacht here is easier, and the port is smaller. Nevertheless, in 20 days I counted at least 20 people who went on a journey. In Gibraltar, they say, wishing there was more. ‘ve tried to zatopit season Atlantic crossings in total about 50 people, while in the Canary Islands we are talking about hundreds of people. For example, when we were in the Canaries, on the island simultaneously, there were approximately 50 people who wanted to cross the ocean artostoma.

Accidentally met with the captain a Bit from the Crimea. He waited for his friends to go to the Canary Islands, and then to the Caribbean. But friends never came, so I was lucky. My accidental companion was another hitchhiker (the hitchhiker. – Ed.) Martin. 32-year-old Latvian at some point I left my career of a top Manager in a major logistic company, lived in the Netherlands, and then decided he wanted to travel and cross the ocean artostoma. So we have met him.

The yacht is not just floating around. They are run by people who have some free time for your hobby. It turns out that a huge number of people every day make the transition from Europe to the Caribbean. Somewhere warm, inexpensive and nature is truly amazing. While on the yacht not transported any goods – I think that people cross the Atlantic for pleasure. It’s not a cargo ship with thousands of tons of cargo.

For the transition to the Canary Islands, 5 – 7 days, the captain asked 50 Euro for food for the whole journey. And it was the normal price. Some guys swam away, paying for 15 – 20 euros per day, but for me, it is not ectostop, but rather a commercial flight. The first two days I struggled with sea sickness, but then all was well. And in the middle of the way I slept so I didn’t care what behind – the calm or the storm. In the Canary Islands we were repairing our ship, and our company was joined by girl – Austrian Ira.

For a trip the Canary Islands – the Caribbean captain took 250 euros. All the money went on food. 18 December, we sailed from the Canary Islands.

During the journey across the Atlantic is remembered for many things. Perhaps the most striking are the stars, they are really bright and do not like in the city. This is an incredibly beautiful sight! What else? An unforgettable experience presented minute, when we were swimming in the open ocean, and the yacht went toward the horizon. Below us, four thousand meters, to the nearest earth – four thousand kilometers and a bottomless sky. Then, of course, the boat we sailed, and the captain took us. In the sea many things to remember: watch, especially early morning duty in the kitchen…

To the middle of the journey we ran out of meat on the boat was a small freezer and fridge. So we got rice, buckwheat and pasta. But we from time to time I caught such a wonderful fish – the Dorado.”

Barbados sailed on 8 January 2015. Since entry visas on the island, the team is deported under escort of two military.

And then has been deported from Grenada. The island authorities stated that the entire team must leave the territory. And not just to sail but to fly the aircraft to their country within 24 hours. Money for such a flight Artem was not, and he flew first to the Dutch island of St Maarten. Stayed there for three weeks and then in mid-January, went to France, where, and flew home.

“Not all plans in this trip came true – I really wanted to get to Cuba, but perhaps next time. Plans – the whole world. Everything is simple,” said Artyom Lukoshko.

Source: KP.RU

  • © Photo-materials: Artyom Lukoshko

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