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May 15. Today at 12.30 left his wife in the open sea… can No longer live on the same land, to walk on the same streets! No longer being able to see faces, nasty even from the back, not dare to politely lie to one and the same. So sometimes it pulls to the open sea, even from home leave! That’s what I did today, and it was ten years ago.

Their unprecedented feat of trying to prove that man can survive not only among people, but without them. Besides, so you want something to open, to call his name.

A real man needs something to call his name! So then there was talk, on my boat “Santa Lucia” all is fair, no amenities: no wife, no TV, no food. Ll eat exclusively plankton, who took a few pounds.

I’m out at sea! The earth and does not smell! Surrounded by nothing but water! The sun is shining and no shade, except my own. Well done all around!

May 16. On the horizon unknown to me a vessel “Academician Petrov”. Me something signaled by the check boxes, and then wanted to take on Board the ship, but I was not given. Then I swore at the boxes and left alone in the open sea.

Again silence! Not a soul! Water, sun and me. Sitting in my underpants, stoned. Why didn’t I go to the open sea before?! There is no need to shave, wear pants, speak when you do not want to smile at God knows who. It is not necessary to take out the trash, to give place to woman! No people, no cars! Feel like wrinkles on the face and folds at the mouth. Deep breathing pores. Appetite brutal. Now would be meat with potatoes! Ate plankton and went to bed.

May 17. Caught in a strong current. It seems that in the Gulf stream. The Gulf stream was covered in oil and other muck. What a way to merge all the stuff from the ground into the water? Scratched the land, the atmosphere mixed with mud, and muddy water! What is progress if soon everyone in the car to go on nature, but nature in sight?! Caught the fish, squeezed from it everything I could, drank the juice. I think it was gasoline.

Didn’t sleep last night. Looking at the stars. Over the sea they are very different. Large and wet. Can it live there? I wonder what their women? Tall or blonde? Something my Val doing now? I suppose roars Beluga.

May 18. The ship was renamed from “Santa Lucia” in the “Valentina”. Neck-deep in ice water all afternoon vystavlyal nail the old name and writing on Board with pen new. Three times went down, then back, but still renamed!

He made himself artificial respiration, and not to stiffen from the cold and drank a little of the plankton. Bedtime opened a desert island. Called it “Valentiney island” and put it on the map.

Night again staring at the stars. President of the 56th apartments probably already came home, his wife Lupita. The ceiling we are shaking plaster on the carpet rolls… And me no plaster does not fray! Only sometimes the sprocket will fall into the water, and then almost inaudibly. Interestingly, the Elevator was fixed? The second week can’t fix, loafers.

May 19. On the horizon of the earth. Rowed over to her and saw on the shore of the living natives. Our similar, only darker. Dressed kind of: loincloths on the naked body, and some even in bras. Beautiful sight.

Tried to get in contact with them using the English dictionary. Not included. The locals didn’t understand me nor French, nor Spanish. Somehow explained to the savages in Russian. At the thermometer and tooth powder traded many different plankton. In my honor, a dinner was given in song, dance and even a little fight. The natives tried to persuade me to stay, offered a high-paying job, but I refused, despite the chief’s daughter in a red swimsuit. A world trip is not over yet, silly to throw such an event halfway!

Left them in the open sea. Suddenly heard a woman singing. It was a song to the words of Ilya Reznik: “I say, Rosa, you say, she says it is wet…” I Thought I’d go crazy: so I wanted to turn back! But I remembered a similar incident with Odysseus and sirens. Crying, tied himself to the mast, stopped his ears with plankton, and only then was able to sail on.

And again water everywhere! And not a soul! And no body!

May 20. Not yet numb feet, standing on tiptoe: looked if there where any land! Empty. One water! The flood, or what? Vale scribbled a note. Put it in a bottle and threw plankton into the open sea. I wonder how much is out the bottle to our city?

May 21. Saw native vessel “Academician Petrov”. Waved her white panties and yelled, “SOS!”, but Petrov did not react. Tried to take him on Board the ship, but Petrov got away!

The whole day drinking the plankton and sang songs of the peoples of the world. Sang all he knew, a hundred times, and lost my voice.

How much can you swim?! And they say: the earth is round! Lies! Propaganda! Three hours banging on a Board with his fist in Morse code: broadcast a distress signal. No response to any greeting! That’s how we think about people.

May 22. At four o’clock sharp spat on the unprecedented feat. Pulled the mast jacket, pants, shirt, briefs and full sail and flew home. Enough! Found the fool! I feel a little more and go crazy.

May 23. Are in full swing. Speed 20 knots. Left behind America, Australia, Copenhagen, Petrozavodsk. Seemed native land! Of the last forces pulled into the Bank. Immediately threw me a people. The two began to push a boat with poles, and the third cried, which can move to approach the forbidden. All three were great in fight. Okay, I’m home…

June 7. The day before yesterday was released from the hospital. Treated for neurosis. Sit at home, smoke. Falling from the ceiling plaster. It Puzyrev.

Yesterday from the window was visible piece of the sea. Today it was closed the ninth floor of a new home. More to look at. Circle one drying.

Didn’t sleep last night. Staring at the ceiling and saw stars. Large and wet.

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