Around the world in support of women’s education lasted 36 hours

Circumnavigation by boat Maiden in support of the availability of women’s education started near Hampshire (South England) November 7, but lasted only 36 hours. The crew encountered some “unexpected problems” and was forced to get up at Plymouth for repairs. So far, the technical support team cannot name the date when the journey can continue.

In this story campaign “The Maiden Factor”, not really had time to begin, in fact, a lot remarkable. First and foremost, interested in the ship itself, which is so unexpectedly failed his crew. This 17-foot boat — not that other, as the yacht Maiden, where in 1990 a team of some of the girls, under the leadership of Tracy Edwards (Tracy Edwards) won the silver world tour the Whitbread Round the World Race.

After racing Maiden have sold, and until recently nothing was audible. In early 2017 it found on the Seychelles (Indian ocean) in a completely dilapidated state. In April of the same year the boat was taken to Hampshire for reconstruction. Almost half a year it was prepared for the new world tour. In the framework of the project “The Maiden Factor” has a new international team of seven women planned for two years to go on the boat 54 thousand miles, making the path large 22 stops around the world to support the 61 million girls under 16 years who are denied the right to education.

“In the past, the team is Maiden faced many obstacles and prejudices. Few believed that the female crew can make it to the final round-the-world race. Now we would like to do to girls worldwide who are denied education and opportunities to develop their full potential, the same thing that it did for our generation. This tour is a way to celebrate all our achievements and be reminded of how much remains to be done,” said Tracy Edwards, on 7 November, the day of the departure of the boat in a way.

Edwards also noted that the promotion of the ship this time will be much more gradual than during the race in 1990. Given the current stop to this we can add that it is perhaps a little too leisurely. But what would be “devastated” did not feel women because of the incident, the team now just have to wait.

But the first destination Maiden was distant India. When (or if) the boat will still come in Kerala, the local girls will give “letters of hope and support” from students in the UK. It is assumed that the same letter will write and children from India, and Maiden, as during the relay, will pass them to the next country, and from there even further.

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