Arksen is a new name in the world of Explorer

Entrepreneur Jasper Smith (Jasper Smith) have joined forces with shipyard rd Shipyard to create a line of expedition yachts under the brand Arksen. Presentation of the new brand, according to Boat International, will be held at the January boat show in Dusseldorf (Germany).

Smith, primarily known in the video game industry, has already started working with the shipyard, based in the town of East Cowes (Isle of Wight, UK).

arksen brand in the UK will be to build a “semi-Autonomous hybrid forwarding of the court” with an emphasis on minimizing harmful effects towards the environment.

“Shipbuilding on the Isle of Wight began hundreds of years ago. Here are built the best aluminum court in the world, and this line of Explorer perfectly with our main product — high-speed ferries. We share the same values with Arksen and we are glad that we do these progressive forwarding of the boat together,” said Peter Morton (Peter Morton), Executive Director of Wight Shipyard Co.
“My main goal is to develop brand Arksen exceptional products, created with the full life cycle from supply to recycling at the end of the period of operation. My second goal is to work with the community of owners to ensure that our boats will be partially used for a deeper study of ecosystems of the world ocean as a platform for scientists, filmmakers, artists and journalists,” admitted Jasper Smith.

In its activities, Arksen promises to adhere to the principle of “cradle-to-grave” (Rus. “From the cradle to the grave”), that is, to support customers not only during the life cycle of the yacht, but at the end of its service life. To solve the question of the disposal the company intends to use in yacht building only those materials and components which can be recycled.

“The concept of “cradle-to-grave”, as we believe will become commonplace in the industry over the next ten years, but we are proud that together with our suppliers are the pioneers” — proudly said Jasper Smith.

Executive Director of the new superyacht brand was Tanya Brookfield (Brookfield Tanya). She has a wealth of experience in various positions: managing Director of Alex Thomson Racing to the co-founder of the charity Toe in the Water. As naval architects was invited by the Humphreys Yacht Design Studio to create interiors attracted the company Design Unlimited.

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