Arkema has turned over!

After Francis Joyon (IDEC Sport) and Francois Dim (Macif) finished and Pointe-à-Pitre with a difference of only 7 minutes, the interest in transatlantic solo race the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe temporarily decreased.

To explain it easy. First, the struggle of Maxi-trimarans, acting division Ultime, always attracts particular attention. And secondly, the advantage of those who lead in other divisions, too great. Judge for yourself.

Division Multi 50. Here is the ahead of armel Tripon (Chocolat Reaute), and to the finish in Pointe-a-Pitre he is 568 miles. While running second Arwana Le Roux (Fenetrea-mix Buffe) he is ahead by as much as 316 miles!

Imoca 60. The leader, Alex Thomson (HUGO BOSS) – 736 miles to the finish. The nearest pursuer – Paul Meilhat to SMA – the Briton is ahead on 163 miles.

Class 40. Yoann Risom (Veedol – AIC) is 1548 miles to the finish. Phil sharp (Imery’s Clean Energy) lags for 108 miles.

Division RhumMulti. Pierre Antoine (OLMIX) to the finish line 1410 miles. And his chief rival, Jean-françois Lilti on a yacht with a very long name Ecole Diagonale pour citoyens du Monde – he is ahead of 544 miles.

And finally, the Junior class RhumMono. Sydney Kavine (CafeJoyeux) it is 1669 miles, while his nearest rival Sebastien Destremau (Alcatrazit FaceOcean) at 219 miles more.

And, by the way, this is the most Destremau is one of the main events of the past days. Early in the morning it Alcatrazit FaceOcean collided with a yacht Ariel2 (takes the 11th place in the class Imoca 60), Finn Ari-Pekka Kuusela. Just imagine: in the middle of the ocean (550 nautical miles from North Africa) – and has faced! Fortunately, the skippers were not injured, and the consequences for the courts seems to be small.

Much worse things the Frenchman lalu Localrole (pictured), who held-in-class Multi 50 in fourth place. His trimaran Arkema again in the early morning rolled about a thousand miles from Guadeloupe. Launched a rescue operation.

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