Another “eight”

Yesterday in the French Les Sables-d’olonne which is called the world capital of the global race sailing – launched the boat Ant Arctic Lab class Open60.

On this amazing yacht (length of 18.28 m, width of 5.82 m) a well-known Austrian sailor, the 57-year-old Norbert Sedlacek intend next summer to go to a single non-stop journey of 34,000 nautical miles.

Sail from Les Sables-d’olonne, he plans on 21 July (on the website Sedlacek has already begun the countdown to start, and accurate to seconds!). The route is as follows: first – to the American continent, then have to go through the canadian Northwest passage in the direction from East to West, down along the West coast of the United States to Cape horn, make a loop around Antarctica, circumnavigate the terrible horn again, and then across the Atlantic back to France. Get something like the giant of the group.

Like “eight” – only with start and finish in San Francisco, now writes American Randall Reeves, Odyssey, about which we spoke just a few days ago. Do such long-distance travel, the fashion?


Briefly – about Norbert Sedlacek. Former Vienna motorman in their own time, without the support of some powerful sponsors, made a nonstop solo voyage around Antarctica, and then took part in the race Vendee Globe 2004 (then he had to go the distance), and in 2008 successfully completed the race (11th place out of 30 participants). Then fascinated by the new project – the same “eight”.

At the beginning of this article we named the boat Worked amazing, and indeed it is. Came up with it himself Herr Norbert and his wife, Marion Koch, and built at the shipyard Yachts Innovation. Case Open60AAL consists of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials – basalt fiber, balsa and biocompatible epoxy. In addition, under the keel of the yacht is installed a special “cfootball”, which is designed to protect large marine mammals with possible collisions.

Note that as a result of all these innovations Open60AAL about two tons heavier than the “normal” yachts in this class the last generation.

It is worth noting that for the family of Sedlacko is not the first experience of using baselocation. It all started in 2013 when the son of Norbert Harald for 133 days twice crossed the Atlantic on 5-meter motor yacht Open 16 Fipofix of basalt fiber.


On a long journey Sedlacek was going to go on July 30 last year. And even went, but… Just two days later, he announced that turns back in Les Sables d’olonne. Because, according to him, it became clear that much of the ship has to be optimized – and only then start.

The optimization process took five months, and finally yesterday Open60AAL, as you already know, launched.

Let’s hope that a new journey “steadfast” yacht will last longer than the first time. And, of course, will follow him.

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