Another Around the World!

June 12, 2019

      Another Around the World!
      The new world race will be called GLOBE 40 – The Grande Route. It starts for the first time in the summer of 2021.

Another Around the World!

The inspirer of the race GLOBE 40 – The Grande Route is the French company Sirius Evenments, well-known in sailing circles, which holds several popular regattas.

And here is the plan for Sirius Evenments.

Firstly, it is proposed to conduct a round-the-world tour on Class40 yachts (hull length is not more than 12.19 m, maximum width is not more than 4.50 m, maximum draft is not more than 3.00 m, boat weight is not less than 4500 kg) In recent years, it has gained popularity in a number of countries. According to Sirius Evenments, more than 160 Class40 yachts have been built, and, for example, 53 yachts of this class participated in the recent Route du Rhum.

Secondly, the race will be double-handed when the crew consists of two people. In this case, the skippers during the race can be changed.

Thirdly, the GLOBE 40 – The Grande Route distance is approximately 30,000 nautical miles. At the same time, the route is significantly different from the traditional one and will be divided into several stages, so that the duration of each does not exceed 30 days in the ocean. Pre-route looks like this.

The start (as well as the finish) is in one of the French cities, which has not yet been precisely defined.

Stage 1 – 2200 miles with a finish in Sao Vicente, one of the islands of Cape Verde.

Stage 2 – 6,200 miles, skirting the south of Africa, with a finish on the island of Mauritius.

3rd stage – 6,200 miles from Mauritius to Auckland (New Zealand).

Stage 4 – 2100 miles from Auckland to French Polynesia with a finish in Papeete, Tahiti.

Stage 5 – 4,400 miles with a finish in Ushuaia (Argentina). It is there, according to the plans, the race participants will meet the new 2021 year.

Stage 6 is 3300 miles from Ushuaia to Recife, a city called the Brazilian Venice.

7th stage – 2000 miles to the island of Grenada.

Stage 8 – the final 3600 miles with the finish in France.

As already mentioned, the total race distance is 30,000 miles, about 140 days in the ocean. The preliminary launch date is June 27th. The finish for leaders is in the middle of March 2022.

On paper, this whole plan looks, you see, very tempting. Things are easy: which of our compatriots would like to take part in the new round-the-world tour?

Site of the organizers of the race –

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