Another Around the World – The Race Around!

July 10, 2019

      Another Around the World – The Race Around!
      More round the world races good and different! – this seems to be the motto of this summer. Month does not pass that it was not announced about carrying out the next Around the World. And here's another one.

Another Around the World - The Race Around!

This race is called, as you already know, The Race Around. It was decided to hold it by two promotional companies – Manuka Sports Event Management and 5 Oceans Sports Marketing. Having enlisted, we emphasize, the full support of the board of directors of the international association of class Class40.

Yes, the Class40 will be participating in The Race Around. Class Association believes that Class40 lovers obviously lack big races. There is, of course, Route du Rhum from France to Guadeloupe, but it passes every four years – and in general you want something more ambitious.

That came up with The Race Around. The first circumnavigation starts in a prologue after four years (so there is time to get ready) – at the end of the summer of 2023 – in one of the cities of Northern Europe. Next, the route is: Lisbon – South Africa – New Zealand – Brazil. And, finally, the finish – in the same city where the start was given. In general, the route is quite a classic.

It remains to add that the race is double-handed. That is, the yachts will be crews of two people.

Maybe someone from the Russians will be interested in this adventure? For them – the site of the organizers –

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