“And we stand in a queue…”

On the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea, the first stage of the world Cup for kiteboarding. According to the press service of the Sailing school “Krestovsky island”:

There were twenty races. Denis Taradin took 14-th place, Valeria Garashchenko – 54th and eighth among women. Of athletes school “Krestovsky island” the coach says Alex Chibizov:

The result is what it is. All the lads tried, they fought to the last. We will continue to work. But the findings have to do now.

First of all, it is necessary to change the training approach. The leading countries are training with a boat. We – not yet. Need more racing practice, and preferably in a large fleet. More training in the group. Judge for yourself: 81 people at the start, and the girls had not even the race go and just start to take. A huge fleet with a large yachting experience, thumb. Leer two days had terrible luck. Trying to get started and then gets into a “batch”, that is torn kite, Five dnc in 20 races! Dan had a similar story when he was just a kite was shot down.

You need to work with the equipment. Top ten athletes performed on the newest wings. We stand in the queue and are waiting for us such equipment will come, and the top guys already have it. Since blowing the predominantly weak wind, their equipment enabled better work than ours. Fore wings more lift. As Denis tried to hold on, it was impossible: not that wing!

And Denis, and Valerie was missed the winter training period fees is not enough. It is necessary to make adjustments.

Now the guys are preparing for the championship of Russia which will take place from 4 to 12 August at the Dovzhanka. By Russian standards it is expected many participants.

PS. But as was made by other Russian officials. 30th – Anton Minaev. 38-I (and third among girls), Elena Kalinina. 78-I (17-I among girls) – Sofia Kotlyar.

The full results of the world Cup –


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