And then the wind turned sour …

October 10, 2019

      And then the wind turned sour …
      In San Remo, celebrations marking the 90th anniversary of the Dragon class continue. Wednesday, as you recall, was dedicated to special races. Then on Thursday it was time to return to the anniversary regatta, where the final races began.

And then the wind turned sour ...

Only here, both in Zolotoye (80 crews) and Serebryany (65 – alas, the number of participants decreased slightly), the fleets managed to carry out only one start. The wind is to blame – at first it blew with a force of 6 knots, but very soon it turned sour, so the judges in the Golden Fleet even had to reduce the distance. As it turned out later, on this Thursday's competition involuntarily came to an end.

By the sum of two qualifying races and one final, the leading five teams look like this:

1. DEN410 OUT OF BOUNCE Jens Christensen – 3 points. 2. NED412 TROIKA Peter Heerema – 8. 3. GBR764 NAIAD Mike Hayles – 11. 4. USA88 JUPITER Mike Breivik – 14. 5. GER16 INGRID Christoph Wieland – 16.

The highest place among the teams under the Russian flag – 7th – takes RUS35 SUNFLOWER Victor Vogelson – 23 points. At the 10th position of RUS71 MULTIMA, Mikhail Senatorov is 26. At the 15th position is RUS2 ALISA of Alexander Ezhkov – 28.

Detailed Results –

153 October 10, 2019 # 9549

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