An unexpected perspective, is not it?

April 9, 2019

      An unexpected perspective, is not it?
      Argentine photographer Matias Caprizzano took this picture in September last year in Cyprus, immediately after the end of the World Championship held there in the class "Optimist".

An unexpected perspective, is not it?

© Matias Capizzano

I did something, but for some reason I decided to publish it just now. And now the snapshot of the triumphant parade takes place on sailing publications and websites of different countries.

Why would such a popularity? It's simple: the photo is not staged at all.

The last race in the boys had just ended, and they began to rage (children!), Turning the boats over. The tone was set by Paano Boonak from Thailand, who won bronze. When he once again turned the boat, Capricano dived after him.

Well, it turned out cool!

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