Already in Portugal

Yacht “Siberia”, which has taken start in the summer in Omsk and steers a course for Antarctica, reached Portugal! That’s what gave the site administrator of the expedition Alexey Deckelbaum:

Late last night, came in Cascais, a satellite city of Lisbon. Purley 25 hours with a minimum speed of 6 knots, and even up to 8, and arrived earlier than planned. Today, the crew was joined by Sergey Fisher – former resident of Omsk, now living in Bremen. Come with us to the Canary Islands…

Did a lot of work on the boat, washed up and had a little walk around the city. Tomorrow we will be onboard the excursion of pupils of the first in Portugal, the Slavic school, and then will drive from the Russian Embassy. Planned meetings – the program is very dense.
Leaving here on Monday – first to “the country behind the strip of foam” – Africa – and from there, with no visits from the Canary Islands. It’s only 700 miles, God willing, in six days can handle…

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