“Almost” is considered

Jean-Luc van Den Heede continues to hold the lead in the Golden Globe Race. His message is as calm as the surface of the lake in calm weather. And this despite the fact that the darkness of the Slats almost caught up with him.

But “almost caught up”, writes #Esmeralda OK – the concept is, of course, extensible. Formally mark the gap was reduced from 2000 to 50 miles, but this is not the real distance between yachtsmen, and, apparently, the difference in distance from the yacht to “turning” in the Bay of Biscay. Incidentally, we recently wrote about how these are considered to be the distance.

In reality, Mark and Jean-Luc share 400 miles, but this figure has even less in common with the amount of lag from the leader.

And that’s what matters to me is the wind. Looks like Jean-Luc much before Mark gets to the strong winds which ensure the boat a good speed on the way to the Bay of Biscay

Another no less important problem – water, fresh. Her Mark just yet. Ended, and a week ago. All this time he uses a manual Watermaker. To “squeeze” out of the distiller 750 ml of water you need in one hour really work with both hands. 3 hours – to get your daily water quota. Heavy rains Mark in the near future is not expected.

Last post Mark is THINKING ABOUT RETIRING FROM IF I CANNOT WEATHER SAFETYFIRST. If the continuation of the race will be associated with danger, mark is thinking about how to stay. Safety first, then mark, could not agree more. Certainly, new more exciting racing and records. However, it would be very sad not to see him at least 2nd place in the standings after such a hard struggle.

We have another news from Mark. You remember that he was the first of all the participants cleaned the bottom of boats from fouling. A recent inspection showed that the boat was again in need of cleaning. Unfortunately, his attempt to clean the bottom was thwarted by the sudden appearance of a 3.5-meter shark, but he’ll use following period of calm to allow the body in order.

UCU seems to have decided to do cleaning. Last time to finish the job he interrupted the shark. This time he was accompanied by dolphins.

Istvan once again coped with the problems that he tirelessly throws the autopilot, he goes North with good speed.

Tapio runs away from the next storm. A strong wind had blown his boat to quite a decent speed in spite of fouling.

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