Alice kodaneva: bronze in Lecco

Regatta Interlaghina 2018 was 6-th, which was attended by athletes Academy sailing. This is due to the fact that the local yacht club – Canotteri Lecco – is twinned with the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg.

© Denis Razumovich

On the shores of lake Como in the beautiful Italian town of Lecco came under the guidance of coach Denis Razumovich 8 strongest academics: Cyril Shanenkov, Andrei Fedorov, Alexander Minibaev, Nikita Chernykh, Andrey Susenkov, Vladimir Lebedev, Alice kodaneva, Polina Kuzmina.

In the regatta, in addition to the Russians, was attended by the Italians and young sailors from Monaco. The entire event gathered 47 of 53 cadets and Junior.

The best result among the Russians showed Alice kodaneva, became the bronze winner for the girls. Unfortunately, Cyril Susenkov and Nikita Black that were after the first day the group leaders for the older boys and cadets, respectively, finished just one step from the top places.

Here is what Denis Razumovich: “We are just starting preparations for the new season, this regatta we had to check up in fighting conditions of promising athletes and begin to coach them to the most important regattas of the season 2019.

The waters of Como interesting – there are virtually no currents, but very unusual wind conditions. This is due to the fact that the lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains, the downdrafts of air which allow careful drivers to achieve good speeds.

As part of the regatta we managed to hold 6 races as planned.

The first day we showed a rather high result, but the second day was unsuccessful, we had to take 3 medals in the girls senior and Junior boys, but the result was only Alice has Kodaneva – she was 3rd in the girls than her, and congratulations.

In the first race of the second day a little did not understand strategy, so children worsened the position, going in the wrong direction, in the second race there were problems with the materiel, flew sprint Cyril, and he came 12th instead of the first. Besides, Cyril just a little sick, felt bad, it influenced the result. In the third race was brought up only Nikita Black, the rest remained in their places.

Summing up: I can’t anyone to blame for the commitment all the guys are great, especially pleased with Nikita Black, again and Alice Kodaneva, considerably added in skill over the past season.

We are in the season of 2018, there was a change of generations, left leaders, it also affects the result.

Everything goes according to plan, we move forward, nose – regatta in Noumea, I hope that our guys will be able to reach their level and to show myself there.

I want to thank everyone who helped out, special thanks to the club Canotteri Lecco – regatta was held at the highest level!”

Evgeny Kitaev,

the press service of the Academy sailing of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

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