Akhmat, MSailing team, ArtTube

November 3, 2019

      Akhmat, MSailing team, ArtTube
      Here are three winners of the Russian championship in the class of yachts J / 70, which ended on Sunday in Sochi. 24 crews fought for the title.

Akhmat, MSailing team, ArtTube

The final day of the regatta was a sight for sore eyes – a stable wind of up to 8 knots made it possible to spend 4 more starts almost effortlessly, according to http://nationalsailingleague.ru. In the final protocol of the championship there were 10 races, and each team put the results of 8 starts in their “asset” – 2 worst results were excluded.

Nikolay Yushkov, chief judge of the regatta:

– We had a great day! The sun, warmth, stable southeast wind – all the components for high-quality sailing! It is a pity that the day was shortened, otherwise they would still be chased, with pleasure. Congratulations to the winners and prize winners!
The phenomenal result was shown by the crew of Akhmat Alexander Bozhko: their reserve on points allowed them not even to go to the start of the final race. The championship of the Chechen Republic team with a margin of 17 (!) Points from the closest pursuers – bravo!

Silver of the 2019 Russian Championship is the Andrey Malygin team's MSailing team, which, on Sunday, swapped places with their closest competitors. Bronze by ArtTube Valeria Kovalenko. Congratulations to the winners of the championship!

Let's see what the top 10 looks like, noticeably transformed following the last race day. In fourth place RUSSOTRANS Yuri Morozov, who showed her best results in races today. The fifth result was saved by the CARAMBA crew of Peter Nosov. The sixth place of the 2019 championship at Mikhail Poslamovsky MSailing – CSKA. "Russian Athletes" under the leadership of Igor Rytov – the seventh. The team of Dolce Vita Inna Balashova rose to the eighth place at the end of the day. The ninth result is ZID art Sailing team Zoran Paunovich. And with the tenth result, the regatta completes the X-Fit of Vladimir Silkin. Today, the crew managed to catch luck by the tail – excellent Sunday arrivals and raised the team up the standings.

We thank all participants for the great race! We are waiting for everyone at the 2020 Russian Championship!

Full Championship Results –


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