Air temperature – plus 38!

June 28, 2019

      Air temperature – plus 38!
      In the town of Malcesine on the eastern side of Lake Garda, the European Championship in the class of yachts J / 70 continues. Here is what I wrote on the page We are in Europe – Russian teams in the class J70 Valeria Kovalenko:

Air temperature - plus 38!

On Thursday, at +38 degrees of heat and with almost no wind, the race committee managed to hold one race in the Golden Fleet and three races in the Silver Fleet

Results of Russian teams

Golden Fleet

5- Denis Cherevatenko
15- Mikhail Poslamovsky
18- Alexey Semenov
26- Oleg Evdokimenko
27- Zoran Paunovich
28- Alexander Viktorovich Ezhkov
34- Alexander Bozhko
35- Andrey Malygin
42- Dmitry Tretyakov

Black flag star
Sergey Dobrovolsky
Inna Balashova
Valeria Kovalenko

Silver Fleet

5- Andrei Zuev
20- Igor Puzanov
28 – Victor Zakharov
32- Mikhail Nechvolodov
35- Andrei Samoilov
36- Valentine Uvarkin
42- Peter Nosov
60- Alexander Generalov

Detailed results –


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