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On Tuesday, the eleven boats of the TP52 entered into the decisive battle in the 5th, the final regatta of the year – the 52 SUPER SERIES Valencia Sailing Week. Reports Elena Tekina:

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The most important and significant in recent years, the season of the 52 Super Series is coming to an end. The final event takes place in the historic sailing. Spanish Valencia hosted the America’s Cup in 2007 and 2010. Many riders then have lived here for several years now and are very happy to once again get full of so many memories of the area.

However, in the first day of racing the final regatta of the season the Gulf of Valencia was in no hurry to hospitality. Suitable for racing weather, rushing to battle the ultra-modern carbon-fibre cars had to wait up to three hours a day. But despite the late start, the head of the Race Committee Mary Torrico managed to conduct both scheduled to race in a lightweight unstable mainly East winds at 6-10 knots.

The winner of the first day in a tie-break with the Argentine-Italian Azzurra was a world champion last year, the German Platoon of Harm Mueller-Spree John Kostecki as a tactic. Among the 9 new boats built to the current season, only one Platoon of two Vrolijk yacht design (the remaining 7 yachts designed in бюроBotin) and is characterized by particularly good speed in light winds.

In the first race, after an excellent start in the left side, the German boat was in the first diffraction second behind Azzurra also startovala left, but the Argentine-Italian yacht, which was slightly below lalaina and gave the Germans themselves around right in front of the sign. Race rivals finished in the same order, first and second respectively. And in the second race after a terrible start in the second tier Platoon with good tactics and speed managed to get to the finish line in last place to the 4th.

The Argentine-Italian team with Guillermo Parada on the steering wheel and Santi Lange as a tactic in the second race with no luck. Immediately after the start of her bowsprit crashed Turkish Provezza.The clash could prove fatal, but fortunately, all has managed only small damage,but the speed Azzurra lost for the first sign was only fifth. Ahead of two boats at the finish, Argentine-Italian yacht could become the third, but it was enough only for second place with equal points.

According to Guillermo Parada, he is very satisfied with the day’s result, given the complex, unpredictable wind with constant visits to 10-15 degrees and collision in the second race. “I think we should be happy with the way we coped today with the boat and not to worry about numbers and results. The forecast all week will be with the same light wind, and we need to stay very focused on what and how we do it”.

Third place in overall Notebook is the Challenger for the following America’s Cup team Luna Rossa. Serving colors Prada Italian team, with Francesco Bruni at the wheel, tactician Vasco Vascotto and Jimmy Spithill as strategist was 6th in the first race of the day and won the second race.

World champion this year and the leader of the current season Quantum Racing the final regatta of the season came with a reliable margin of 31 points from their main rivals Azzurra, however, the first day of racing, an American team with Dean Barker at the wheel and Terry Hutchinson as a tactic finished in 6th place, 8th and 2nd place in two races of the day. In the second race match race-two teams of the next America’s Cup began right from the start, the two rivals were on the heels of each other by a large margin from the entire fleet, but Luna Rossa was able to become a leader and not позволилаQuantum to overtake him.

Today, Wednesday, in the Gulf of Valencia will again light wind. To follow the racing live on the official page of the series

Full results here –

52 SUPER SERIES Valencia Sailing Week

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