Ahead of the last race

In Porto Cervo in Sardinia comes to an end the world championship in the yacht class “Star”. In the regatta attended by 63 of the crew of 18 countries.

After five races, leading the American team Danilu composed of Augie Diaz/ Henry Bonding – and this is a surprise. Diaz, of course, the man in the sail is known, at the time he became world champion in the “Snape” and “Star”, but he is already 65 years old, and years are supposed to take their. But – do not take!

Now udias with Banninga 11 points (with one outlier), parishes (10) – 1 – 4 – 4 – 2. Convincing! And Saturday is the last race of the championship. Will they be able to defend their position?

The Russians, Alexei and Lev Zhivotovsky Shnyrev yacht Beda is five races in 28th place – 106 points (with one outlier), parishes 28 – (52) – 12 – 28 – 38.

Alexey Selivanov American tail by Jim Levchinym (about what connects them and how they met, we told the 19th of June) is now at the 40th position.

The results of the championship after five races


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