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In Nassau (Bahamas) started the final qualifying race of the regatta, Star Sailors League. Reports Elena Tekina:

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Boredom of futile waiting the wind on the first day for the qualifying races of the Star Sailors League finals with interest was compensated by Wednesday, December 5, four challenging races with unstable West changing to North wind of 10-12 knots. Ended the second day of the qualifying races flurry with a gain of 30 knots, the out Board one tail and two broken masts.

The winner of the day after the release of the worst result was the crew of the legendary Brazilian Robert Seidt. The victory in the first race and 3rd and 2nd in two other parishes after exclusion of 17-th place in the second race allowed one of the most successful Olympic Champions of our time around two points the American Brand Mendelblatt (6-4-1-3). The third place crew, two-time European champion in the class “Star” Diego Negri (3-5-5-20).

The closest diffraction, heavy contact marks, almost simultaneous finishes and four different winners in four races of the day once again reminded that in Nassau compete with the strongest athletes in the world.

In the first race on the first diffraction was leading owner of Olympic gold and bronze pole Mateusz, Kushnerevich pursued on the heels of Robert Saddam and Italian Diego Negri. On the gates of Robert only of the leaders chose the left buoy, then to the right side of the race, the first received amplification and the second diffraction were the first, winning the race. A sharp struggle of Mateus and Diego in the last full course resulted in a second place from pole and the third the Italian.

In the second race again was more favorable right side, started from the bench of the vessel, the Brazilian Lars Grael could first get the length right and went out on the first sign, and then won the race with an impressive margin. Starting from Pina Robert Sheidt trapped in the left side of the other boats, and the first diffraction got to the end of the fleet, and then missed the opportunity to improve on the second tacking and finished the race in 17th place.

In the third race Mateusz, Kusznierewicz won the pin and was able to get to the first sign. Robert Sheidt came second, and mark third Mendelblatt. This time, the Polish rider again missed his first, but not Robert, and Mark, with SADT finished third.

In the fourth race on the second upper rounding the fleet was caught in a storm, and the last full course has become a struggle for survival. Wind gusts to 25-30 knots broke the mast of the yacht the Hungarian Sambora Bereka and new Zealander Hamish pepper. Italian Diego Negri during a penalty turn dropped overboard, and his pair finished the race in 20th place; however, this did not stop the crew from Diego to take the third place of the day.

The winner of the race was the oldest participant SSL 64-year-old American Augie Diaz, who had a great start to the right and receive gain and then lead the entire race, maintaining its position even during storms. Walking second Floor, Cayard finished only at 6th place, and rounded out the top 3 at the finish of the ubiquitous SADT and Mendelblatt.

According to Robert Seidt, the day was very challenging due to the weather and fierce competition. “We managed to get out of some bad situations, and that’s good, but we still need more speed on the tacking, and we had bad starts in the two races. The level is very high and it is difficult to do everything well. We are happy, we will continue to fight, but a day spend four races, and it can happen a lot of things. You see guys break the mast, it is easy to get a false start and risk too many.”

From Russia and Ukraine two Shaiduko-Kushnir on Wednesday failed to participate in the race due to poor health steering. Also not on the start boat number 1 the honorable member of the current final SSL Ian Percy. The night before Percy had to fly to Europe.

First start today, December 6, is scheduled for 11.00 am local time (19.00 GMT). Again it is planned to hold 4 races.

Live stream to watch here

Full results here – http://www.starsailors.com/regatta/1514 ssl finals-5

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