Ahead Of Denis Taradin

Page Russian Kiteboarding Team says Competing on the second racing day of the championship of Russia on hydrofoil, which takes place in Dolzhanskaya (Krasnodar Krai):

The second day of racing turned out to be more successful than the first. August 7, the participants did not wait for the wind. August 8 in the morning was very weak With a chance of rain, and it was decided to wait until lunch. Next, it’s strengthening, and the judges put distance on the pressure side of the Gulf of Taganrog.

The first race took place in the area at least 6 knots, so the participants who did not have kites of large size, simply are unable to get to the start. The first race in the series was won by our guest from Italy, Matteo Caffarelli. But in this day, this result, he was not able to repeat. In the second race first came Ivan Doronin, and all the other first arrivals recorded on your account Denis Taradin. And very close to this trio crept Anton Minaev.

In the women’s competition Elena Kalinina worthy opponents yet, and even in the overall standings, it is on the 5th position.
To the 4th race the wind had increased, and members have improved the finish time by 2 minutes!
A total of 5 races (worst result, each participant has discarded), the results of which the participants divided into two fleets – gold and silver, for 12 participants in each.

The three leaders on the results of the 5 races looks like this:
1. Taradin Denis (Saint-Petersburg)
2. Ivan Doronin (Moscow)
3. Caffarelli Matteo (Italy, Talamone)
4. (3) Anton Minaev (Moscow)

Today the wind forecast gives more, and all participants look forward to an interesting race.

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