Ahead Denis Taradin


      Ahead Denis Taradin
      The Russian Kiteboarding Competing Team page tells about the second racing day of the Russian hydro-championship, which takes place in the village of Dolzhanskaya (Krasnodar Territory):

Ahead Denis Taradin

The second race day turned out to be more successful than the first. On August 7, the participants did not wait for the wind. On August 8, in the morning there was a very weak S-NW, and it was decided to wait until noon. Then the gain came, and the judges set the distance on the clip from the side of the Taganrog Bay.

The first races were held at a wind minimum of 6 knots, so participants who did not have large kites simply could not get to the start. The first race in the series was won by our guest from Italy Matteo Gaffarelli. But more on this day he could not repeat this result. In the second race, Ivan Doronin came first, and Denis Taradin wrote all the other first arrivals at his own expense. And Anton Minaev got very close to this three.

In the women's standings, Elena Kalinina still has no worthy rivals, and even in the overall standings she is in 5th position.
By the 4th race, the wind added, and the participants immediately improved the finish time by 2 minutes!
A total of 5 races were held (the worst result for each participant was thrown out), according to the results of which the participants were divided into two fleets – “gold” and “silver”, 12 participants each.

The top three after 5 races looks like this:
1. Taradin Denis (St. Petersburg)
2. Doronin Ivan (Moscow)
3. Gaffarelli Matteo (Italy, Talomone)
4. (3) Anton Minaev (Moscow)

Today, the winds in the forecast give more, and all participants hope for interesting races.

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