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In the first race day held in Portugal Cascais RC44 Cascais Cup 2018 (the final regatta of RC44 Championship tour), the Russian Team Nika’s Vladimir Prosikhin with tactician Dean Barker won the first race and finished third in the second. Elena Tekina:

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Team Nika at the second amount of the day. Just one point less the leader of the British Team Aqua of Chris Bake with Cameron Appleton as a tactic (2-1). In the third place comes the French Aleph Lepi Hugo with tactician Michele Ivaldi (4-2).

Light wind forecast for Thursday is fully justified, as well as the promise of bright sun and 20 degrees Celsius. East wind 5-8 knots with the transition to the Southeast subsided to calm, it dramatically changed the direction. The situation is greatly complicated shock wave coming, it seemed, from all directions, and a strong current. The second race was stopped in the beginning of the first looked like a sudden sunset, wind 60 degrees to the South. The race Committee had to bring the fleet closer to the yacht club and wait until the wind stabiliziruemost at the new South-easterly direction. In the end, the experienced head of the Race Committee Peter Reggio was able to successfully host the second race, despite the difficulties with the wind, but in three hours of the day still canceled further competition, never giving the third scheduled start.

In the first race Nika had a great start in the center of the line, and on her finest tactics to successfully send a command to the left, to the shore, where the first mark on the team came first, pursued on the heels of Team Aqua and the Slovenian Ceeref. Despite a serious chase, Nika has continued to lead until the finish, gradually increasing its lead over the entire fleet.

The second race began with a false start Charisma Nico Punch, but was soon canceled due to the reversal of the wind. However, this did not prevent serving under the Monegasque flag command to display remarkable stability and at the second start again to be above the line, unfortunately, taking the company boat Vladimir Prosikhin.

While the Charisma of a false start, never recovered and finished last, Nika was quickly able to work out the punishment and to reboot, and then Dean Barker had a great tactic, and at the first sign of a Russian ship was now 3rd, and then failed to protect this place until the finish.

According to Vladimir Prosikhin, tactically the second race was held perfectly, and most importantly, the boat kept going in clean wind:

“In the second race to go to the left already did not work, went wherever it could, but then Dean found the perfect line, tactically flawless, all Leilani was great. Red on port tack it was very hard, because of the runup and wave the boat is very played, was unstable. Wave for some reason, very wags it is on port tack, whereas on the right it was all good. We are happy that the first day of racing exceeded their own expectations. Will do our best to keep our position, but everything is open, anything can happen — one bad twist could change everything. After winning the world Cup our goal is to win series and win the season-2018. Our chances are high, we started the regatta, although in such a strong fleet with such rivals no guarantees, but we will fight every day and hope that we will succeed.”

Team Bronenosec, representing the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg has finished the first day in 6th place, finishing 5th and 7th in two races. Steering Kirill Frolov took the helm almost from the road – and, of course, the lack of training days could not affect the performance. According to Cyril, the weather was unfamiliar to him, and it was especially difficult to cope with the wave in the gentle breeze. “At this time I was very unstable, there was two completely different gals, and besides, light wind added to the difficulties.”

Today, November 16, according to the forecast is expected to be weak again, unusual for the Bay of Cascais to the South-East wind. First start postponed on an hour earlier, at 11.00 local time (+3 GMT).

To follow the races in real time on the official website of the regatta –

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